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Support Requests

We recommend you try and get support from the community first, If they are unable to help you with the issue, they will often ask you to contact AG&E Support.


If you want Community Support we need as much info about your configuration as possible so we can help quickly.

Where to Post

If a GS or GM has asked you keep your posts in one thread, then do so. If it's regarding a same Updating Issue that many people are experiencing (new patch files), then post all in the one thread. Otherwise please don't do it.

Title Conventions

Be Descriptive. "Launcher - c.25 cannot download file", is an example of a good title, "Help me!!!" is not. This title is important so people who experience problems similar to your issue can do a search to locate your post, get an idea of what the issue might be and how it was resolved.

Posting Information

  • List the exact type of error, include the error description, and any other related information.
  • List your Operating System (OS), and Service Pack. Include the system type, (32-bit or 64-bit OS).

In Windows go to Start >> Computer, right click then select Properties.


Computer problems are always frustrating. Stay calm and on your best behaviour at all times when talking to others (same goes for those trying to help). The community are volunteers, they do not get paid, have no obligation to help and do it out of generosity. If anyone is rude or spamming or flaming they often get ignored by others, and worst case reported for their behaviour, so don't do it no matter how frustrating the problem may be.

AG&E Support

Please read the Shaiya Technical FAQ.
If you cannot find your solution there, or if our steps do not seem to help, please note exactly what you have tried in your post, and include any relevant information.

If you want Support from Aeriagames:
Make sure that you received the RT auto-reply. Be patient and await a reply, the GM's are flooded with requests, wait 24 to 48 hours for a response.
Check that the e-mail does not get sent to your spam/bulk mail folder.

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