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If you have trouble running GameGuard, sign the Petition to have GameGuard removed from Shaiya.

The most common things that cause errors in GameGuard (GG) are;

  • Firewalls not being properly configured to allow Shaiya and it's associated applications through.
  • Anti-virus or Anti-spyware programs, are intrusive by nature, and GameGuard is designed to prevent things from being Intrusive towards the game it's protecting. You may be able to configure the programs to avoid Shaiya, but people have suggested that only uninstalling will allow GameGuard to successfully run.
  • Add the dump_wmimmc.sys file in your GameGuard sub-folder from your Shaiya install folder, to the Anti-Virus Exception list.

Here are links on how to add exceptions on popular Virus Scanners:
Trend Micro PC-cillin Antivirus

If you experience errors with GameGuard, re-boot your PC and try running in Safe Mode. As Windows is booting hold down the F8 key. You won't be able to play in safe mode, but at least it will be able to update GG, and you will also know that your PC can run it, and it's some software you have running when you boot Normally that's interfering with it.

Known Software Issues

Windows 7 Release Candidate
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Spybot Search & Destroy: Tea Timer - Edit the Black & White list in resident TeaTimer

GameGuard Error 110 or GameGuard in process

Sometimes when Shaiya is closed, GG doesn't. Anyway, here hows to kill it manually.

How to kill the GameGuard Process

  • Kill GameGuard from Task Manager.
1. Your user account needs to be part of the Administrator group.
2. Open Task Manager.
3. Processes Tab.
4. click button to show all processes.
5. select Image name = "GameMon*32" or it might be "GameMon.des".
6. click End Process.
  • If you can't find the file in Task Manager:

Open Command Prompt as administrator and type in:

taskkill /IM GameMon.des /F

You can create this as a batch file, then just run it when you need too.

  • Alternatively, you can just restart your PC.

Official GameGuard FAQ 115

GameGuard Error 114

Most of the issues that we have seen attributed to this error message have been due to a firewall. If you are receiving this error message, we suggest trying the following steps.

First to test, try disabling any and all firewalls that you have running on your machine to see if this alleviates the issue. If it does then it's just a matter of re-enabling them and trying to have them configured to allow the Game and GG through. Firewall Configuration

fire mastry has reported to enter in Windows Safe Mode, and do a GameGuard Removal.

If you are still receiving this error message after trying these steps, you should make sure that you have no third party applications attached to the Shaiya program.

Official GameGuard FAQ 114

GameGuard Error 350

  • Cancel button has been pressed. It could also be slow update due to insufficient network bandwidth. Or, FTP or HTTP connection might be blocked. Try pressing "Retry" button.
  • Make sure all Internet Security programs are disabled and re-test.
  • If you play other games with GameGuard, check that the hosts file hasn't been changed.
  • Verify that you can connect to the GameGuard server.
If it downloads a file, that has korean in it, your connection should be fine. It is likely an Internet Security program that is preventing GameGuard being able to connect to the GameGuard Update Server.

  • If all above attempts fail, please find all files with extension of .erl in the folder named "GameGuard", located in the game directory, and send them to with description of errors. The errors will be analyzed in depth and we will try to solve the problem for you.

Official FAQ - Error 3xx

GameGuard Error 360

You need to create the GameGuard common files directory.

Creating the common files GameGuard folder. Go into command prompt as administrator, copy and paste the following after the ">", and press Enter:

mkdir "%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\INCA Shared"

If no error was generated you should now have an INCA Shared directory.

If that doesn't work try GameGuard Removal.

Official FAQ - Error 3xx

GameGuard Error 380, or 610

  • Check that you are not running behind a Proxy.

Disable Proxy Server

For Windows:

  1. Start >> Control Panel >> Internet Options.
  2. Select Connections Tab, then click the LAN Settings box.
  3. Under Proxy Server, un-tick Use a proxy server for your LAN.


These error messages can be caused by a couple of different things. In order to eliminate some of the possible variables, you should try the steps outlined below.

GameGuard Removal

If this does not resolve the issue and the error messages persist, you should verify that you have all firewall or Internet security software disabled. If you are able to connect with your firewall software disabled, then you will need to add the Shaiya programs to your exceptions. Firewall Configuration

If this does not resolve the issue then please uninstall the firewall application as it could have made changes to the system registry that even disabling the software will not correct.

If you have a cable or DSL modem and are connecting through a router, switch, or a hub, try disconnecting this device and connecting directly to your cable/DSL modem. If you are able to connect this way, then there is a chance you may need to update the firmware on the device that you are connecting through, which you can find on the manufacturer's website.

Official FAQ - Error 3xx

Game Hack Detected

This theoretically should occur, when actual Game Hack's are running, but due to the lack of intelligence of the GameGuard software, any process that interferes with the Game's process will generate the error. This could be as innocent as an anti-virus program simply inspecting the Game process to see if it's running any malicious code.

  • Windows Vista - Close Windows Sidebar and re-try.

Check to see that you do no have any Known Blocked Applications. If you have any anti-virus/spyware programs, rootkit killer programs, disable them and see what happens, If it starts working, then you may need to add Shaiya's programs to some kind of program exception list. If that does not help, start un-installing each possibly conflicting program, one by one, testing each time.

The last resort is to re-install windows. People have had success with this, but I would argue, that it is not windows re-install that fixes the issue, it was likely a program that was running in the background without the users knowledge (re-installing windows un-install and removes all programs). For some people an un-install would be out of the question, which is fair enough, I would recommend at least trying to un-install any applications, which you may think might try to access the Games process before giving up.

GameGuard Removal

If GameGuard, or it's common files have corrupted somehow, you may need to remove it, so it can be re-downloaded.

Deleting the GameGuard folder from your Shaiya Client Installed Folder

* Open Windows Explorer.
* Navigate to your Shaiya Installed Folder.
* Delete the GameGuard folder, and it's entire contents.
* Do NOT delete the "GameGuard.des" file in the Shaiya installed folder, 
  it's required to run GameGuard. If you do, here is my copy:

Deleting the common GameGuard files

Go into command prompt as administrator, copy and paste the following:

del /s /q "%ProgramFiles%/Common Files/INCA Shared"


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