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There are various strategies in Shaiya. 

The best way of learning strategy's, is to lead a Union and discover a perspective of your own. However one you can learn from Union leader during PvP, if you PvP a lot then you can learn from there experience and learn how they act during Offense and Defense.

  • This is for new party/union leaders looking for strategies. (1-15) PvP Light
1. Grand Evasion ( Getting Bless)

- Tell your troops, to push the Fury back into their base.

- Right afterwords fall back and take out the Altar south of the Enemy Base / or Skip and go to 3.

- Next Run East and take out the other Altar closest.

- Push the Fury back again, if they counter just head back to the main Hill right before the first altar.

- Rush to the other Altars.

2. Play Dead ( Kills )

- Tell your men to go to the main hill.

- Wait for the Fury to try and take the Altar in front of you.

- Run East around them and go to where you push them back into their base.

- Wait there until they go back expecting you to counter their attack on the altar.

- Slaughter

3. Harassment ( Sparta )

- Tell your mages and archers to shoots and evade while they have been pushed back to base.

- Make sure your priests/assassins are right behind them in order to heal.

- Send your fighters directly east not to far or you'll run into the main guard.

- Send your archer and mages retreating stop at the last tree on the hill you are on.

- While they follow send your fighters from behind tell your mages/assassins/archers to use their stunning attack.

- Slaughter

Just a few strategies i use.
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