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Staffs are split into three groups by the game: Basic (levels 1-20), Advanced (levels 20-50) and Expert (levels 50+). All Staves have a default speed of 2.5 and can be used by all branches of the Priest and Mage classes.

GvG Staves
Icon Level Name Attack M-Attack Stat Bonus Ability Durability Required Points
123bjgm.png 70 Diviner's Staff 2318 2461 VIT +56
INT +60
+15% chance to hit
Immune to Sleep
15% chance to activate when attacking:
INT +250 for 15 sec.
180 36000
80 Elemental Ruin Staff 2758 2929 VIT +64
INT +68
+15% chance to hit
Attacks have a 15% chance to trigger a double attack.
Has a 15% chance to activate weapon ability when attacking.
Ability: INT and WIL +150 for 15 seconds.
180 48000

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