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Stats are the 6 attributes given to each character. They are customizable for each player upon gaining a level. Stats points depend of the mode of your character: easy mode  : 5 points per level; normal mode  : 5 points per level; hard mode  : 7 points per level; ultimate mode  : 9 points per level;

Primary Stats

-- STR --(strength) enable you to do more damages (+1.3 per point)

-- REC -- protection against physical and shooting attacks; increase DEF (one DEF per REC point) and HP (5 HP per REC point)

-- INT -- (intelligence) increase magic basic damages (+1.3 per point)

-- WIS -- (wisdom) magic defense power, magic accuracy and MP (5 per WIS point), slight increase to magic base damage (+0.2 per point)

-- DEX -- (dexterity) physical and shooting attack power increase slightly, and increase attack success rate, evasion success rate (5 points of DEX for 1% of evasion) and SP (5 SP per DEX point)

-- LUC -- (luck) shooting attack power, critical hit rate (5 points of LUC for 1% of critical hit), critical damages. Critical evasion rate increase slightly

Secondary Stats

There is also a second set of statistics each character possesses, and while they are not customizable by level as are the six primary stats, they can be just as important to a character's survival.

693zpv.jpg 1 Health (HP) - measure of a characters life, when it runs out you're dead
2 Magic (MP) - measure of a characters ability to cast spells
3 Stamina (SP) - measure of a characters ability to use physical skills
Some skills / buffs require both MP + SP

There are two other important statistics which are listed on the the character stat page (hotkey 'T') and they are Defense and Resistance.

  • Defense - a measure of a character's ability to negate physical damage (influenced by REC and gear)
  • Resist - a measure of a character's ability to negate magical damage (influenced by WIS and gear)

Base Stats

Fighter Defender Priest
Fighter.jpg Defender.jpg Priest.jpg
Mage Archer Ranger
Mage.jpg Archer.jpg Ranger.jpg
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