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Stat points are used to enhance a character through the player window. A player gains 5 of these per level in Normal Mode and Easy Mode, 7 per level in Hard Mode, and 9 per level in Ultimate Mode.

The 6 attributes:

  • Strength: How much damage the character can dish out in one melee attack.
  • Dexterity: Increases evasion rate, slightly increases physical attack/shooting attack power. Very useful to all Classes
  • Intelligence: Useful to mages, pagans, oracles, and priests. Increases magic damage.
  • Wisdom: Increases the amount of MP a character has and increases success rate of magic attacks.
  • Reaction: The defense of the character every point you will spend it this will upgrade your defense and HP.
  • Luck: Useful to the archers and hunters,this stat increases the rate of critical hit and critical hit damage.

In addition, a player also gains 1 additional stat point added to a certain stat with each level up.

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