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Logging In

To login to Shaiya, you will need to use your Aeria Games account. If you have not registered for a free account, you can do so any any time here. The first time you login you will have to choose between the Alliance of Light (Humans & Elves) or the Union of Fury (Vails & Deatheaters)

Creating Your First Character

When creating your character, you will need to select the Name, Class, Sex, Job (a.k.a profession for the character), and appearance for your character. You will now also have to choose the Mode for your gameplay experience. The modes are as followed:
Easy - This mode should only be played by those who have no experience playing MMORPGs. Level cap is 30, experience gain is 2x, and no special skills are available.

Normal - This mode is for players who have some experiences with MMORPGs. Players must reach level 40 in Normal mode before Hard mode will be made available.

Hard - Level requirements are much harder in this mode, but Status and Skill Bonuses are increased. Players who reach level 40 in Hard mode will unlock Ultimate mode.

Ultimate - Level requirements are the same as in Hard mode, but Status and Skill bonuses are increased and players can use exclusive items, skills, spells, and bonuses only available to Ultimate characters. WARNING!!! Characters who die in Ultimate mode will be deleted if not resurrected within 3 minutes. This mode is only for those players looking for the Ultimate experience.

HUD/GUI Definition

Player's Status Window: Displays Character Name, Level, Current HP, Current MP, and Stamina.

Target Page: Displays stats for targeted enemy or player (name, status, characteristic).

Buff/DeBuff Check: Shows current Buff (or DeBuff) Magic and the Magic’s remaining time.

Hotkey Bar [shortcut P]: Emotes, Basic Behaviors, Skills, Magic and Consumable items may be dragged into the Hotkey Slots and activated using the 1~0 keys. Pressing the + button on the Hotkey bar will add a second Bar to the player HUD (These slots are activated using the NumPad 1~0 keys). Pressing the Arrow button will reorient the Hotkey Bar from Vertical to Horizontal.

Character Name: Player’s Character Name. Identity Code or Rank may appear at the sides of the name while in a Party or in PVP mode.

Radar [shortcut V]: Indicates Enemy Locations, NPCs, Quests and Quest Rewards. Clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ will zoom in and out. Clicking on the parchment paper (Shortcut M) will bring up the Mini Map of the entire realm.

Function Buttons (From left to right): Shop, Status, Inventory, Assistant Skill, Quest, Community, Options.

Shop: This is where players can spend Aeria Points to enhance their gameplay experience.


To bring up your map press the ‘M’ key on your keyboard or press the parchment button on the radar.

The yellow icons on your map are NPC quests. Go to these points and speak with the NPC who has an icon floating above their head These are portal gates. There are many of these on every map, but important ones will always be marked on the map. The blue icons are NPCs you need to visit after you’ve met all of the requirements for your quest. These NPCs will give you your reward!

Quests (Obtaining and Completing)

All available quests are shown on the Mini Map as yellow orbs.
NPCs offering quests at these locations will have a glowing symbol over their head.
Double Clicking on these NPCs will bring up the option to Trade or Talk to the NPC. Select Talk to learn about any Quests offered.

Selecting Talk will bring up the NPC’s quest window. Here you will learn tales of the lands you are adventuring in, and you will be given the opportunity to perform tasks for fabulous rewards and experience! If you like the sound of the Quest offered click on the Accept button. If you do not want to take the offered quests, click the Cancel button. After selecting a quest you can review it and any other accepted quests by pressing the Shortcut Key ‘U’. This will bring up the Quests window. Here all active quests will be listed in Green, and quests that have all requirements fulfilled will be listed in Yellow. Once you have fulfilled all of a quest’s requirements, look for the Blue orb on your mini-map. This will usually be the NPC who first gave you the quest, and now they are awaiting your return so they may give you a reward for your efforts.

Movement in Shaiya

Movement within the world of Shaiya is very simple. To move your character to a location you have two options.

Option 1: Point and Click method. Simply click on a location you wish your character to run to and they will. Hold down the right mouse button to look around the world. You can also do this using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Option 2: Shaiya also supports ‘W’ ‘A’ ‘S’ ‘D’ movement as well. Pressing ‘W’ will move your character forward, ‘S’ will move them backward, ‘A’ will turn your character to the left, ‘D’ will turn your character to the right, ‘Q’ will make your character strafe left, and ‘E’ will make your character strafe right.

*** Double tapping W will make your character run forward until you stop them by pressing a key again *** Double tapping ‘Q’, ‘S’, or ‘E’ will make your character leap through the air in an acrobatic display *** The Space Bar makes your character jump. *** If you ever get stuck or want to be instantly transported to the nearest City, simply type /return into your

chat window and press Enter.

Hunting and fighting in Shaiya

When an enemy is on the screen you can attack them by placing your mouse cursor over them. When the cursor turns into a sword you can click on them once to target them. You can now either cast a spell or use a skill to attack your enemy, or simply click on them again to perform your normal attack.

Chatting in Shaiya

Pressing ‘Enter’ at any time will open up the chat box in Shaiya. Here you can type in any text and have it displayed in game so you can communicate with other players.

If you do not wish to broadcast your chat publicly, there are also other options for chatting. These can be accessed from the drop down menu to the left of the chat box.

Normal - Regular chat that broadcasts to any players within listening distance.

Whisper - This is a direct chat to another player. You will have to enter the player’s character name and then the message you would like to send.

Party - This message will only be heard by members of your party.

Guild - This message will only be heard by members of your guild.

Trades - This is used when you would like to broadcast messages concerning the buying, selling or trading of items. *Note: Until you reach level 11, you will not be able to talk on Trades chat.

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