Starfumos Invasion (1)

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Starfumos Invasion (1)
Take the Starfumos Invasion Plans to Faruma
Level and Modes
Level 25 Mode EM NM HM UM
NPCs / Monsters Involved
Given byItem DropSilverpick Goblin Camp
Reward byFarumaStarfumos Vill
MonstersSilverpick Goblin Priest
Rewards Gained
XP 748 Gold 1500 Icon_Gold.png
Item(s) Gained None
Next QuestStarfumos Invasion (2)
Quest(s) UnlockedNone


The quest dialogue and log both state you should take the Starfumos Invasion Plans to Parma in Starfumos Vill, however you actually take the plans to Faruma.

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