Sprites' Forest

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Sprites' Forest
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Sub Location of:
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
18 - 24
Sprites' Forest is part of the Kaslow empire. Monsters range from lvl 18-24 here and they drop Lost Powers of the Grasslands. Sprites Forest Quests will take you through this area and level you up for the next map. Maximum reputation from this map is 9000 (Kaslow).
NPC's: Sprites' Forest NPC's
Quests: Sprites' Forest Quests
Monsters: Sprites' Forest Monsters
Name X Y
Angelo 400 890
Bolai 565 666
Post 570 515
Ters 570 683
Tim 366 890
Yuma 412 803


Name Level Aggre Type
Moonlight Sprite 19 Yes Humanoid
Petulant Pansy 18 Yes Plant
Prickly Pansy 18 Yes Plant
Bald Treant 24 Yes Plant
Ursuva Guard 23 Yes Humanoid
Man-Eating Marigolod 22 Yes Plant
Forest Tiger 19 Yes Beast
Great Treant 20 No Plant
Leafy Treant 20 Yes Plant
Forest Bear 20 Yes Beast
Blue Butterfly Sprite 21 Yes Humanoid
Sharptooth Crocodile 21 Yes Beast
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