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Your Sprite is both your best friend and bitter enemy. Your Sprite is the key to getting rare, powerful equipment and can give you bonuses during a battle. You will want to choose a sprite that compliments your class. It is debated whether to pick the Armor or Weapon Crafting Sprite for your class as your main Sprite. Armour Sprites produce 5 items: Boots, Leggings, Gloves, Chest and Helm. A weapon Sprite will possibly produce 3 items: 1 handed weapon, 2 handed weapon and maybe even a weapon for a different class.

The sprite menu can be brought up by hitting F6, F7 or F8 depending on Sprite Gem position. Your main Sprite is F6. It is called a Guardian Sprite. It is impossible to get rid of and is the only one capable of evolving and growing stronger with you. You can summon a sprite to your side by right-clicking it's Gem and clicking "Summon". While summoned, if the Sprite has Blazons or clothing equipped, you will get stat bonuses. It will also pick up items for you. Your sprite must be in a Happy or Elated mood to be summoned and must have around 60% of its stamina.

On the upper right hand corner you will see your Sprites mood. Ranging from Elated to Depressed, this effects your Sprite productivity rates. When your Sprite is happy, it has a better chance of bringing you additional items when performing an action. By chatting with your Sprite you can raise its mood sometimes. Leaving your sprite depressed for too long causes it to run away. You must wait for it to come back before you can do anything with it.

Your sprite will have a Detail tab which will include a relationship bar (how much your Sprite likes you. A higher relationship decreases your production cost and increases your chance at getting better stats in your gear) and Stamina bar (Once this bar is empty your sprite will not do anything more until rested or fed Magic Honey-Glazed Biscuits, it is also beleived stamina effects your sprites success rate in Collecting, Crafting, Training & Salvaging.)

On the lower left hand side of the Detail window is the Sprite's talent Skill levels. Once it fills up, your Sprite talent will increase. You can increase your Sprite's talents by performing the action you want to increase. For example, if you want higher Mining, send your Sprite out mining or have your Sprite go into Training.

Here we see the Sprite's blazons. Once equipped, when you summon your Sprite by your side, you will get bonuses like, for instance, + 7 physical damage. There are two slots, A and B. Only type A blazon cards will go into the A slot, and the same applies to B blazons. Blazons can be bought from Sprites in cities, found as drop or given as quest rewards.

Sprites can wear clothing that give various increases to crafting/collecting and can give special effects during battles. Sprites begin only able to wear hats but once it's in second form it is possible to equip your sprites with body clothing. You can buy Clothing at any Sprite Merchant.

Sprite Furniture deals with productivity. They usually decrease Collecting time, or increase chance of receiving more items. You must have a work table in order to craft items, and you receive one of these as a quest reward very early on in the game. You can buy more at the Sprite Merchant as well as furniture.

Once your guardian sprites experience bar is full, it is ready to evolve. Any sprites found in the Wild should be returned to Nature at any Altar. If the experience bar is full when you return the Sprite to Nature, you get Reputation points with Sprite Faction, and better rewards in your Mail box later. A sprite returned to nature is lost. You lose reputation points and receive no reward if you return it with less than 50% experience.

You can quickly improve your Sprite's Mood by 2 points by buying a Sprite Lollipop in the Item Mall ("I" key) and restore about 1/3 a Sprite's stamina by buying a Sprite's donuts in the Item Mall. The Sprite Merchant sells weaker version of these items for coin at a rather expensive price.


In order to Craft Gear you are going to need raw materials. Unlike other MMOs, which have you travelling the world map looking for the right materials, Sprites do the dirty work for you. Open "Collect" and you will see your Sprite's collecting Skills.

There are 3 Skills in all: Foraging, Hunting and Mining. A Sprite that can craft gear can only train 2 of these skills. So when building your 3 Sprite team, make sure you have all 3 skills spread across them. You can have 2 sprites collect Raw Materials, while the third Crafts items for you. Also there is a Sprite that can train all 3 skills but cannot craft items.

When you choose to Collect your Sprite can come back with: a) Common item (white named Raw Material) b) Uncommon item (Green named Raw Material) c) A combination of a & b d) Nothing at all.

The higher a Sprite's Mood and Stamina, the better your odds of getting the c result.

After every collect there is a small chance you will get an Event.

Events include:

1)Raising Relationship Points and Stamina
2)Lowering Relationship Points and Stamina
3)Obtaining an additional item.

Items I've gotten so far include: pots, quest scrolls, fragment cards or additional Uncommon Raw Material.

Also, you might get a barrel, box or chest. These include random items. Things I've gotten from here are additional Raw Material, pots and c upgrade scrolls, or, if you are lucky, a random weapon.

Fragment cards are used in producing talents for your toon, but that's another subject.

In addition, your Sprite may obtain a Greatness status. During this period, your sprite success rate rockets, and it will bring more Raw Material than usual.


Need to Increase your Sprite's Skills fast? Than send it out training. Just choose Training, pick a skill to train and away it goes. Remember training requires Raw materials to use. Training also helps for situations like when you do not have enough materials to make a weapon, but enough to train the weapon creating talent.

The bread and butter of your Sprite. Open up the Craft to get started.

Each Craft attempt requires Raw Materials and some coin. The higher lvl items you make will be awesome. The higher your sprite craft goes, the more, better gear you can make.

You start off by making Common(White Named) items. There is a progression in crafting that requires you to start from Common to make Uncommon to then make Rare.

This is where you begin to hate your sprite. It's about 80% to make common gear, 50% to make uncommon, and probably less than 30% for the rare gear. You will need to spend much coin to continually collect Raw materials and follow this progression to get the best gear around.

Why bother getting Rare gear? Not only do they have best stats around, even adding stats like STR and VIT, once all 6 pieces are combined they improve your combat skills!

On the bright side, every now and then you get an Event when you fail a craft, saying that your Sprite saved one of the Raw Materials used.

Also you cannot produce common or uncommon chest or helms. They go directly to rare.

At level 20 your Armor sprite can make the full orange Basic Set. This goes for weapon sprites too. At level 30 you can craft your next full orange armor set and the next weapon orange.

At level 35 you begin to craft class specific armor. Also if you ever wondered why bother to get rep points with the Mining/Foraging/Hunting Guild, your Sprite can craft pots!

At 35 it needed an ore from Mining Guild, that needed 4,000 rep to buy. The pot increased my total HP by 10% for 5 mins.

At even higher levels you can craft yellow items. You need to use orange named items as raw material for these bad boys. Since CB is over, and these things are rare (if anyone even got to make one), no more info on 'em.

Notice on them pants Spirit Crystal as Raw Material? You won't be able to collect those, rather you have to salvage uncommon or rare gear in order to obtain. Any level 20 or below item that is salvaged yields Spirit crystal as a common item and mysterious essence as the uncommon drop. When crafting rare pants, chest and helm, be prepared to make uncommon gear just to salvage 'em!

Your sprite's salvage level must be equal to item lvl for this to work and the process is a bit costly.

Saphael energy or essence item, also required for crafting, drop from bosses as rare drops or completing a chain quest series. They are rare so you may need to buy them from other players.

Saphael energy can be found inside Prairie cave as drops, and Saphael essence, inside Condemned

Sprite Mood and Feelings

You sprite is your friend and has feelings. The mood of your sprite reflects its chance of leaving you, the chance of collecting materials, chance of event and its experience rate. An unhappy sprite can not be summoned to pick up items for you.

Mood Levels are as follows:


When a Sprite is Elated, it will have a significant EXP increase that will allow more leveling, it makes the chance of an event much higher, and it will complement you and say happy things while moving around frequently . Highest chance of success in collection or making objects. To keep an elated mood, scroll down to sprite care. Summoning Sprite is possible


When your Sprite is in a Happy mood, it has a slight EXP increase, it has a decent chance of an event, and it still says thing on how happy it is while moving around but not as frequently as if Elated. High chance of success in collecting or making objects. Events can be good or bad, the lower the mood, the higher chance of a bad event. Summoning Sprite is possible.


This is the mood your sprite will begin on, a Sprite in a Normal mood will have a normal EXP gain, a normal event percentage, and will move around. Summoning Sprite is not possible.


Your Sprite will become sad when one of these 2 things happen:

a) You push your sprite to collect/make/salvage/etc to extremes without breaks

b) You sprite has an bad event or messes up badly.

When its sad the gathering rate will be lower then normal, there is virtually no chance of an event, and will seldom move, it will also say depressing things or how sad it is. There is a chance it will leave you [the guardian Sprite will not leave(?)] and your reputation with the king/queen sprites will go down (if it runs) Summoning Sprite is not possible. When sad and instructed to craft an item it will always say depressing things, however if they are not outright 'bad' they are considered 'good' "Just do the best you can." for example.


When your sprite repeatedly gets a bad event it may go into an even worse mood then the above. The changes involve a heavy loss in gathering rate and summoning Sprite is not possible. Cosmetic changes will involve your sprite looking angry and it's chat dialog will become very sad and hateful, although chatting with it in this mood can still boost it's happiness.

Sprite Care

There are some advantages to keeping your sprite in an elated mood; some people might wonder how to avoid spending 45 Silver on magic Soda Pops, so here is a list of some ways to keep a happy awesome sprite.

Dont push it

A sprite's mood will only stay up as long as the owner takes care of him, after sending a sprite to collect, don't ask it to do anything for at least 3 min. [I used this method with THREE sprites, and before closed beta ended I made myself with a few copper on purpose several times] After 4~6 sends with this method, a sprite's mood will drop.

  • As another player, I have not had this experience. I can send my sprites out to train or collect materials repeatedly until they don't have enough stamina to execute the task. The sprite's mood may drop a level if you send them on the same task repeatedly, but if its mood drops to neutral it can usually be cheered up to the happy mood by "chatting" with it by repeatedly clicking the chat button. A sprite with a better mood will work more effectively and bring better results then a sprite with a lower emotional state.
  • I can confirm that pushing it does result in moody sprites. I've tried talking to them after sending them on jobs but they kept getting more and more moody until they ran away, twice. Eventually I started giving them 3 mins between jobs. One got an event that boosted his mood up by a level, and after 6 more jobs his mood went up again when talking to him. However on saying this another sprite didn't seem to respond to the 3 min breaks and ran away yet again, so I'm not sure what's going on here.
  • A method I have found for sprite relationship is quite simple. ALWAYS keep your sprite in an elated mood, and never go past half the sprites stamina. I have found that even if you keep feeding your sprite to keep his stamina and mood up, I have been able to send out my sprites repeatedly without losing relationship (except random events). The hardest part is raising your sprites relationship to near max first. Training on the other hand, I haven't seen it able to increase my sprites relationship at all, and most like just decrease it.

Keeping a relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with your sprite may be considered the hardest part of raising sprites because it's based mostly on luck. A sprite's relationship may go up for some things like making objects it enjoys, but there is another way your relationship value may change. Sometimes an event(see below) will occur after crafting or collecting that may increase relationship points and return energy, or conversely a bad event will reduce relationship points and reduce energy. Something else to remember is that each sprite has a favorite talent. When using their favorite talent you will be less likely to get bad events and good events will give more Relationship points than usual.


On the subject of energy, when a sprite has no energy it cannot be sent on tasks and can't come out of its cottage; you can purchase snacks for it that restore its energy [8 Silver 50 Copper] from the Sprite Merchant, wait for its energy to slowly regenerate, or if you're lucky you may even get an event that will restore energy.


When a sprite is out training, collecting, crafting, etc. there is a chance for an event. Events can be good or bad and happen somewhat randomly. They are also the only way to get a sprite to the elated mood without a mood boosting potion or lollipop; a negative event is one way your sprite may become depressed, but a neglected sprite will also eventually become depressed.

Mood changing events come in 4 forms:

Sharing Of Joy: The sprite will say how it was so happy during the training and its happiness will improve.

Stroke of Inspiration: The sprite will occasionally meet up with a 'master' sprite or have a stroke of brilliance that will improve experience gained from the training/collection/etc.

Sadness: Occasionally the sprite will get one of the common bad events, when this occurs it will drop the mood of the sprite by one level (Usually). This happens most often with a sprite's least favored task such as: crafting, training, hunting, or salvaging. They will also give verbal indications like, "I never liked salvaging," or when asked to craft or salvage an item they may make a surprised face and say something like, "Really?" or "Again?!" indicating that the current task (or task training) is disliked. A disliked task may also be more likely to fail or yield fewer items.

Found Items: This is a rarer event in which your sprite will bring back an extra item (or salvage crystal, or failed craft material) back and give it to you. This is also the only known way to get 'Orders' a special kind of reputation quest. The item brought back can range from an extra craft item to a chest with random items.

Sprite Drop

credit to AKFrost for translate it into english


Further information: Plainswind Sprites



Backrow: Ilioden

Middle row: Madaya, Ambama, Nanaro, Tashira

Front Row: Alamir, Hollymire, Zilo

Camera-Shy: Treasure

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Alamir's Summoning Bells6-66-66 MageRound Jelly Rabbit, Pinchworm, Shell Crab, Happi Crab, Shieldback Crab, Bayside Boar, Ironshell Crab, Channel Crab, Rocking Ironshell Crab, Forest Sunbird, Woodland Deer, Wily Wolf, <Shell Crab Boss>Grinningham, <Forest Sunbird Boss>Loco Boco
Zilo's Mysterious Bells61111--11 Priest-Mysterious Sunbird, Hungry Coyote, Goblin Soldier, Hunting Wolf, Goblin Striker, Goblin Mage, Goblin Guard, Banded Spider, Moonlight Lizard, Stub-Tail Cloned Beast, Armored Cloned Beast, <King of the Grassland>Gehaz
Hollymire's Magic Bells617-17-17 Priest17 MageAlice 1000
Tashira's Guardian Bell21-2121-21 Mage-Carnivorous Carnation, Ferocious Fang Flower, Little Woodland Sprite, Honey Bear, Honey Bear Mama, Vampire Bee, Forest Vampire Bee, Forest Tiger, Lumber Transporter, Lumber Taskmaster <Medicinal Flower Boss>Brutal Blossom, <Walking Target>Tiamu, <Plague Queen>Catherine, <Tempted Conjurer>Tilaye, <King of the Ancient Forest>Primal Tiger
Nanaro's Bell of Life212323--23 Priest-Lumberyard Patrol, Lumberyard Guard Captain, Mutated Crimson Carnation, Treant Elder, Treant Warrior, Honey Bear Papa, <Eyepatch of Evil>Dorian, <Echo Tree King>Thundering Treant
Madaya's Silver Bell2125252524--Alice 4000
Treasure's Corrupt Black Bell313232--31 Hammer31 WarriorDark Sprites 1000
Ambama's Bell of Origin51-5151-51 Mage-Warped Condemned Mine (Uncertain)
Ilioden's Bell of Darkness51545455-53 Shield-Roaring Maw Quest
Kokoro's Silver Bell of Serenity7169-69-70 Priest70 MageIcepick Crab, Icebreaker Crab



Dark, Flying: Nopas, Helsindomann.

The Rest: Dorthiton, Villie, Kogoma, Wilferman, Antony, Davicimi

Camera-Shy: Panon, Jibe

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Kogoma's Animal Leather Drum66-6-6 Warrior-Blue Bull Worm, Pink Jelly Rabbit, Naughty Jelly Rabbit, Bouncing Jelly Rabbit, Tricky Jelly Rabbit, Wild Boar, Rough-Skin Boar, Punkish Pig, Sunbird, Tough Sunbird, Grassland Buck, Yellow-Billed Sunbird, <Pink Brigade Leader>Popeppi, <Mountain Pig Monarch>Duchess, <Ironwheel Boar Lord>Babe Ruthless, <Blue Bay Pig Chief>The Baconator, <Quarry Sunbird King>Huntan Peck
Antony's Fantasy Drum61111--11 Hammer-Mystic Wolf, Blood Spider, Goblin Croney, Scrubland Cloned Beast, Goblin Shaman, Colorful Sunbird, Goblin Miner, Greenstripe Spider, Goblin Caster, Magic Spotted Deer, Green Widow, Moonlight Deer, Hard Skinned Cloned Beast, <Mine Behemoth>Telfir, <Goblin Hero>Big McLargeHuge
Dorthiton's Drum of Oaths61717--17 Hammer16 WarriorRonto 1000
Villie's Guardian Drum212121--21 Hammer-Toxic Wasquito, Mountain Scorpion, Blue Ridge Scorpion, Bloodsucking Wasquito, Fat Bat, Fat Vampire Bat, Bloody Wasquito, Sandworm, Bone-Rasping Sandworm, Bone-Grinding Sandworm, Sabretoothed Cat, Mutated Sabretoothed Cat, <Hilltop Scorpion King>Blue Bluff Scorpion, <Dark Gatekeeper>Eatmore , <Involuntary Blood Donation>Blood Storm Wasquito, <Red Chief>Mutated Sabretoothed Tiger
Davicimi's Bold Hero Drum2123-23-23 Warrior-Red Earth Condor, Red Scorpion, Karzak Guard, Karzak Officer, Karzak Gunner, Karzak Captain, Karzak Wizard, <Airborne Weirdo>Jester, <Cruel Slaying Lieutenant>Ursuva
Wilferman's Black Iron Drum21252525-24 Hammer-Ronto 4000
Panon's Corrupt Black Drum41-4242-41 Shield41 RelicDark Sprites 4000
Helsindomann's Battle Drum5151-51-51 Warrior-Warped Condemned Mine
Nopas' Drum of Darkness51555454-53 Hammer-Warped Condemned Mine (Uncertain)
Jibe's Pounding Drum56-5859-59 Warrior-Murky Mire, Wild Armored Beast, Night Pirate Sailor, Iron Jaw Ant, Cyclops



Flying and Dark: Van Osh, Truquake

The Rest: Tarlata, Sion, Boropere, Bayman, Mehmood.

Camera-Shy: Lilian, Abbian, Raum

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Tarlata's Summoning Horn21-2827-27 Shield-Plateau Ape, Male Plateau Ape, Plateau Yak, Fierce Plateau Yak, Yakkity Yak, Swift Dragon, Highland Raptor, Diddly Kong, Brawny Kong, Impure Servant, Corrupted Servant, Entangled Servant, Soulless Servant, Ironskin Cloned Beast, Violent Cloned Beast, <Puffy Patriarch>Crazy Guffadon, <Belcar Chief>Marquis Kong, <Plateau Dragon Chief>Sonora, <Blood of Madness>Keljiad, <Evil Eye of the Sea>Kattegi, <Cloned Beast Boss>Rampaging Cloned Beast
Mehmood's Horn of Aid31333232---Bone-Eating Drake, Muscular Bone-Eating Drake, Hill Giant, Hill Giant Guard, Hill Giant Warrior, Hill Giant Shaman, Gnarled Treant, Cranky Gnarled Treant, Fangfly, Bloodsucking Fangfly, Diseased Goblin, Goblin Bushwhacker, Goblin Conjurer, <Bonecrushing Lord>Mighty Bone-Eating Drake, <Deadwood Forest Boss>Pestillent Fangfly
Bayman's Tribal Horn3138-3737--Werewolf, Mountain Werewolf Butcher, Mountain Werewolf Warrior, Wicked Wisewood, Diseased Wisewood, Withered Bone Wolf, Skinless Skeletal Wolf, Tomb Blader, Skeleton Smasher, Skeleton Warlock, Lich, Bloody Needle Wasquito, Primal Scavenger Worm, Plague-Eater Worm, <Skeleton Wolf King>Barebone Baron,Mother Sandworm, <Treasure Watcher>Jacobio
Boropere's Sky Horn313433-3333 Relic-Smulca 1000
Sion's Secret Script Horn31-4139-39 Relic31 ShieldSmulca 4000
Lilian's Corrupt Black Horn414242--41 Sword41 GunDark Sprites 4000
Van Osh's Sacrificial Horn51-51-5151 Shield-Warped Condemned Mine (Uncertain)
Truquake's Horn of Darkness5154-545355 Priest-Warped Condemned Mine (Uncertain)
Abbian's Distant Horn5659-58-58 Priest58 ShieldTwo-Headed Lizard, Night Pirate First Mate, Ironclaw Turtle Beast, Evil Eye
Raum's Horn of Grandeur6666-66-66 Axe-Knight Valley/Eternal Mountains



Squidface and Dark: Yuri, Shiodona

The Rest: Kutas, Bruce, Orlin, Ishky, Padono

Camera-Shy: Claymore

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Ishky's Jazz Drum212728--27 Staff-Hearty Swampcrab, Wisewood, Withered Wisewood, Muddy Buddy Jelly Rabbit, Muddy Jelly Rabbit, Toasted Wisewood, Ashen Wisewood, Mutant Black Mud Crab, Dark Swamp Gator, Blood Swamp Gator, Skeletal Villager, Skeletal Soldier, Dark Stone Sorceror, Dark Stone Wizard, Dark Stone Berserker
Padono's Metal Drum31323332---Screwloose Giant, Skinstitch Giant, Winged Imp, Fierce Winged Imp, Swamp Bat, Ancient Bat, Shap-Tusked Wild Boar, Egret, Bone Vulture, Quill Scorpion, Reef Fishman Soldier, Reef Fishman Warrior, <Haunted House Imp Lord>Fell Winged Imp, <Bone Reef Boar Chief>Chupathingy, <Watcher of Slaves>Xerxes
Kutas' Magic Sound Drum3137-38-37 Axe-Reef Fishman Pioneer, Reef Fishman Prophet, Bone Reef Killer Wolf, Scavenging Bone Vulture, Bloodthirsty Bone Vulture, Pirate Guard, Treasury Watchman, Treasury Thug, Golden Sabretoothed Cat, Bone Reef Scorpion, Big Bone Reef Scorpion, Black Bone Sailor, Black Bone Pirate, Black Bone Cartographer, Black Bone Quartermaster, Black Bone Mecha Armor, <Bone Reef Scorpion Boss>Reef Ravager, <Treasure Keeper>Alobee
Orlin's Sealing Jazz Drum31333433-33 Axe-Ewan 1000
Bruces's Drum of Darkness3139-41-39 Staff31 RelicEwan 4000
Yuri's Netherworld Drum5151-51-51 Staff-Warped Condemned Mine
Claymore's Corrupt Black Adder Drum515252--51 Staff51 WarriorDark Sprites 9000
Shiodona's Jazz Drum of Darkness51545554-53 Axe-Roaring Maw Quest



Flying and Dark: Elfa, Nairafer

The Rest: Bodoman, Boroso, Everlitt, Pinedoro, Togoda

Camera-Shy: Mier, Porpotter

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Pinedoro's Wooden Harp21-2728-27 Bow-Forgotten Ancient Guard, Tata Crab, Clawful Tata Crab, Freshwater Crocodile, Deep Freshwater Crocodile, Saltwater Crocodile, Southern Island Swift Dragon, Swift Jungle Dragon, Swift Strike Dragon, South Sea Bucktooth, South Sea Bandit, South Sea Strongman, South Sea Crab, Fishman Hunter, Fishman Warrior, Fishman Oracle, South Sea Crocodile, Duke Kong, <Rollback Crustacean>Clawe-Inspiring Crab, <Plateau Prince>Yabei, <Duke of Flab>Tokenlus, <South Sea Bossman>Biggie Bigfist, <Dark Demon>Blakmoor, <Hidden Rock Village Mayor>Mournful Myski
Bodoman's Elegant Harp31323232---Archduke Kong, Fort Guard, Fort Sergeant, Fort Recon Officer, Fort Quartermaster, Coconut Jelly Rabbit, Cocobongo Jelly Rabbit, Tropical Sunbird, Red Sunbird, Red Luau Pig, Hard Drinkin' Giant, Sleepy Giant, <South Sea Ape Chief>Prince Kong, <Tropical Sunbird King>Boco Cabana
Boroso's Heavenly Voice Harp313837--37 Gun-Striped Gold Tiger, South Island Jelly Rabbit, Beach Bum Jelly Rabbit, Swift Tropical Dragon, Crimson Drake, Stone Mallet Giant, Stone Mallet Keeper, Stone Mallet Savage, Stone Mallet Prophet, Ruthless Drake, Swift Bloodthirsty Dragon, Tusk 'n Raider Boar, Coral Fishman, Coral Fishman Scout, Coral Fishman Fighter, Coral Fishman Prophet, Coral Fishman Sage, <Boss of the Hunt>Striped Tawny Tiger, <Stone Colossus>Jalmano, <Reef Dragon Boss>Corsair Dragon
Togoda's Crystal Harp313433-3333 Gun-Bahado 1000
Everlitt's Silver Harp31-39413931 Bow-Bahado 4000
Elsa's Nature Melody Harp515151--51 Sword-Warped Condemned Mine
Mier's Corrupt Black Harp51-5252-51 Axe51 PriestDark Sprites 9000
Nairafer's Harp of Darkness51545455-53 Gun-Warped Condemned Mine
Porpotter's Gentle Harp565960-6058 Hammer-Double-Chomper Lizard, One-Horned Dragon Whelp, Night Pirate Guard, Nighthawk Owl, Masked Goblin Necromancer
Lusika's Harp of Mist716970--69 Axe70 Hammer-



Dark: Elfabad

The Rest: Inca, Kusankala, Emata, Efer, Mechato

Camera-Shy: Ishti, Nite, Kadoni

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Emata's Bagpipe4144-43-43 Mage-Desert Widow, Sand Scorpion, Bath Ghoul, Bath Warrior, Bath Lich, Roaring Dragon Whelp, Stone Pillar Dragon, Scrubland Scorpion, Bath Stone Guard, Bath Stone Warrior, Desert Bone Vulture, <Desert Tarantula Queen>Weeping Widow, <Young Dragon Boss>Draggy the Kid, <Scorching Wind Lord>Dunewalker Scorpion
Inca's Sky Bagpipe41-4645-45 Archer-Red Sands Vulture, Condor Defender, Condor Mercenary, Condor Sniper, Condor Witch Doctor, Condor Battle Mecha, Condor Appraiser, Highland Elk, Mountain Bear, Male Highland Elk, Great Mountain Bear, Cave Werewolf, <Lost Elk Chieftan>Grand Highland Stag
Mechato's Flying Bagpipe41474444-45 Bow-Quill, Hurricane Prince 1000
Efer's Guardian Bagpipe515151--51 Archer-Cave Wolf Warrior, Cave Wolf Killer, Blazing Spirit, Guardian Fire Spirit, Cactus Mountain Wolf, Fierce Cactus Wolf, Hard-Hoofed Yak, Red Yak, Highland Redbill, Lithograph Scorpion, Stoneshell Scorpion, Shining Wind Spirit, Rising Wind Spirit, <Cactus Wolf King>Savage Scarlet Wolf, <The Yak Attack>Great Red Yak
Kusankala's Sapphire Bagpipe515253--52 Bow51 MageQuill, Hurricane Prince 4000
Elfabad's Bagpipe of Darkness51555454-53 Archer-Warped Condemned Mine
Nite's Spiral Bagpipe565859--57 Bow58 ArcherCrystal Spider, Crook-Horned Goat, Night Pirate Mecha Armor, Sharptooth Tortoise
Kadoni's Blustering Bagpipe6665-66-65 Bow66 MageYeti Yeoman, <Snow Faerie Leader> Gemmie, Northland Bandit Gunman, Blacknest Werewolf Warrior, Snow Moonbird, Mountain Lion Lizard, Arctic Wind Spirit, Northland Robber, Giant Steam Bee



Dark: Haros

The Rest: Tearsy, Stralin, Oken, Najoann, Jo

Camera-Shy: Falta

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Tearsy's Ceremonial Trumpet4143-44-43 Warrior-Stone Lizard, Scrubland Yak, Male Scrubland Yak, Ruins Keeper, Ruins Fighter, Ruins Defender, Ruins Remnant, Cliff Giant, Cliff Warrior, Cliff Shaman, Ancient Dragon Whelp, Ancient Dragon, <Servant of Sighs>Lithic Lizard, <Wooly Wasteland Wanderer>Tumbleweed Yak
Oken's Ancient Trumpet414645--45 Priest-Relic Robber, Ruins Bandit, Bandit Sniper, Bandit Magician, Peak Wind Spirit, Mountain Wind Spirit, Wetland Jelly Rabbit, Piranha Pitcher Plant, Whiterock Spider, Female Whiterock Spider, <Misty Jelly Rabbit King>Pipeppo
Najoann's Summoning Trumpet41474444-45 Staff-Mosunk 1000
Jo's Antique Trumpet51-5151-51 Priest-Swamp Wasquito, Caustic Blood Wasquito, Green Crocodile, Bonecrushing Crocodile, Eifell Guardian, Eifell Water Spirit, Spirit of Columbus, Mariner of Columbus, Astrologer of Colombus, Irontooth Warrior, Irontooth Gladiator, Irontooth Captain, Irontooth Shaman, Irontooth Devilbrow Armor, <Terror of Vacations>Piercing Proboscis Wasquito, <Water Spirit Queen>Eifellina
Stralin's Chieftain Trumpet515352--52 Staff51 WarriorMosunk 4000
Haros' Trumpet of Darkness51545455-53 Staff-Roaring Maw Quest



Alicia, Pawski, Brodon, Alexander

Camera-Shy: Lyre

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Bordon's Ancient Organ51-5352-52 Shield-Time Forest Sprite, Ancient Forest Sprite, Timeless Treant, Woodland Protector, Woodland Warrior, Great Woodland Bear, Lady of the Lake, Young Chronos Dragon, Wind Scouter, Dark Worm, Thousand-Year Flower, Stone Sword Keeper, <Gaia Woodland Monarch>Chronos Forest Sprite, <Goddess Lake Bear Boss>Primal Brown Bear
Alexander's Glass Organ51-5352-52 Staff-Gaia Worm, Ancient Treant, Woodland Defender, Woodland Forsaken, Gaia Black Bear, Water Maiden Spirit, Chronos Dragon Whelp, Chronos Dragon, Wind Guardian, Dark Corrosion Worm, Thousand-Year Fiendish Flower, Stone Sword Servant, <Toxic Flower King>Ageless Anger Flower
Pawski's Dragon Leather Organ515455--54 Hammer54 RelicJundo 4000
Alicia's Organ of Darkness51555453-52 Relic-Warped Condemned Mine
Lyre's Manaccordion56-5857-58 Staff60 RelicGhost-Eyed Owl, Thick-Skinned Jelly Rabbit, Violent Crystal Spider, Magic Mushroom Jelly Rabbit, Masked Goblin Smasher



Back Row: Queyson

Front Row: Kim, Offie, Kluma

Camera-Shy: Aureos

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Offie's Red-Hot Electric Guitar5152-53-52 Sword-Dead Bone Wolf, Igneous Avenger, Alechi Blazing Spirit, Spitfire Dragon, Alechi Swift Dragon, Fire God Cultist, Fire God Oracle, Scorching Spider, Frenzied Fire Spirit, Magma Dragon, Black Flame Warrior, Black Flame Gunner, Black Flame Death Armor
Kluma's Exciting Electric Guitar51-5253-52 Gun-Fierce Skeletal Wolf, Alechi Stone Demon, Burning Fire Spirit, Alechi Flying Dragon, Hunting Claw Dragon, Fire God Crusader, Blazing Battle Armor, Blackrock Spider, Mad Fire Spirit, Scorching Black Dragon, Black Flame Knight, Black Flame Wizard, <Blakatoa Wolf Chief>Pale Death Bone Wolf, <Minor Dragon Lord>Sundance Kid, <Volcano Spider Boss>Blackrock Tarantula Lord
Kim's Spiral Electric Guitar5154-555452 Axe-Siropas 4000
Queyson's Electric Guitar of Darkness51555453-52 Sword-Warped Condemned Mine
Aureos' Flame-Fret Guitar5658-59-59 Mage-Prairie Elk, Crystal Spider Hatchling, Bloomin' Jelly Rabbit, Fabulous Fungus Jelly Rabbit, Masked Goblin Axebrand
Wafa's Electric Guitar of Purification71-7374-73 Sword-Destiny Raider, Naughty Jelly Rabbit, Magic Crystal Spider, Fiery Demon, Horn Snail, Soul-Devouring Demon, Troll Skull Crusher, Snowfield Scorpion, <Giant Armor Snail Boss> Giant Armor Snail, Steel Armor Mantis, Blue-Scale Dragon Beast, Northsea Demon Samurai, Tear Phantom Worm


The entire tribe flaked the yearbook photo session

Name LV Mining Foraging Hunting Disassembly Ability 1 Ability 2 Obtain From
Ivan's Violin of Briskness66-6666-65 Shield66 ArcherKnight Valley/Eternal Mountains Mountain Lion Lizard, Whirlwild Lion Lizard
Bova's Viola of Gentleness666666--67 Priest-Knight Valley/Eternal Mountains
Vinochi's Violin of Swiftness66-6566-65 Staff66 WarriorKnight Valley/Eternal Mountains
Cenia's Cello of Discretion666566--65 Hammer65 GunKnight Valley: Northland Bandit Swordsman, Snow Faerie Sprite/Eternal Mountains: Silver Armored Ape, Tundra Tiger, Geothermal Wasp
Zalus' Melodious Violin66--666567 Sword68 RelicIllania 1000
Kiya's Fallen Double Bass66656667-67 Bow-Dark Sprites 12000
Hal's Double Bass of Steadiness7172--7169 Gun71 ShieldIllania 4000
Anubis' Fallen Violin71697069-70 Staff-Dark Sprites 16000
Kesse's Double Bass of Chill7169-70-69 Bow70 Warrior Wild Bear
Casio's Sagacious Violin71-7069-71 Sword-Deformed Mummy, Polar Bear, Poison Eating Soldier Ant, Ancient Bird of Paradise, Tasty Jelly Rabbit, Lizard Soldier, Whiteneck Weasel
Uta's Violin of Vibration71-6970-71 Relic-Winterstrait Fishman War Guard, Corrputed Demon Dog, Field Nymph, Border Dead Pirate's Soul, Snowbound Treant, <Polar Bear Chief> Bear Baron, Flower Demon, Yeti Hunter, Floral Wisewood, Vined Snail Demon, Plateau Deer, Goblin Hero
Adelino's Organ of Forgiveness71-7474-73 Bow74 PriestAuris Bay (Flying Stingrays), Destiny Mob, Green-Scale Hunter, Ice Crystal Spider, Snowfield Fish Warrior, Haunted Spirit, Horror Demon, Tusky Aerial Skate, Tundra Black Scorpion, <Deer King of the Plateau> Plateau Deer, Black Holy Wrath Goat, Swamp Magic Flower, Sunrise Charging Boar, Northland Pirate, <Bloody War Puppet Boss> Bloody War Puppet
Rive's Organ of Hope717475--74 Staff75 ArcherAuris Bay (War Puppets)
Farius's Horn of Discipline7173-73-74 Shield-Destiny Barbarian, Frozen Lizard, <Arctic Lizard King> Freezerburn, <Wisewood Elder> Vined Wisewood, Destiny Iron Golem, Tundra Fishman, Icy Soul Knight, Underworld Wizard, Coastal Aerial Skate, Troll Mage, White Holy Wrath Goat, Swamp Watch, Dashing Bull, Magic War Puppet
Lach's Violin of Resonance7173-73-70 Staff70 ArcherWinterstrait Fishman Patrol, Chillclaw Lizard, Cruel Mummy, Power Polar Bear, Scavenging Wasquito, Rainbow Bird of Paradise, Wasted Wisewood, Giant Mantis, Flaming Weasel
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