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A Sprite Kings Blessing makes it so the next item your Sprite crafts will definitely succeed. Without this item, you're more likely to become frustrated with crafting higher level items. Note that the SKB you use must correspond to the level of the item you are crafting in order for it to work. You're able to use an SKB which is a higher level than the item you're crafting, but it isn't recommended because it isn't required. Some would consider it a waste of resources, as the higher the level of the Sprite Blessing, the harder they are to obtain and more they cost.


  • Sprite Kings Blessing Level 1 - lvl 30 & below
  • Sprite Kings Blessing Level 2 - lvl 45 & below
  • Sprite Kings Blessing Level 3 - lvl 60 & below
  • Sprite Kings Blessing Level 4 - lvl 75 & below
  • Sprite Kings Blessing Level 5 - lvl 80 & below


An Infinite Sprite Kings Blessing allows you to craft an item and succeed regardless of the item's level.

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