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Sprite Battle Skills can be attained after your Main sprite has levelled up to tier 2 (with a body) at Master Nanco in Sprites Forest (290, 660).
Once you Complete Master Nanco's Quest your Main sprite's details page will change and will now show a Sprite Equipment Button.
In the new window on the 1st tab you will now have the sprite's clothing and equipment, Sprite Costumes are on the 2nd tab.
Down the bottom you will have the skills that each equipped item has.
Once you summon your main sprite a new window will pop up, this is your sprite control window.
The default mode is "Peace Mode" where you can get your cute little sprite to dance and cheer for you!
When you click the down arrow on the window, it will switch to Auto Mode.
In auto mode your sprite will attack enemies you attack and buff you when you are in battle. the attacks and buffs depend on what you equip your sprite with.
Clicking the Auto mode button will switch it to Manual mode, this will be covered by another wiki page.

Lv21+ sprites have 3 skills available for Combos
Lv51+ sprites have 4 skills available for Combos
Lv71+ Sprites have all 5 skills available for Combos

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