Spellcaster Armor

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This is a list of the armors that only Spellcasters can use. If you are looking for the Mage armor pieces, check it's respective sections.

Warrior Path Fighter Armor | Warrior Armor | Paladin Armor | Templar Armor | Berserker Armor | Warlord Armor
Archer Path Hunter Armor | Archer Armor | Ranger Armor | Sharpshooter Armor | Assassin Armor | Darkstalker Armor
Mage Path Spellcaster Armor | Mage Armor | Wizard Armor | Archmage Armor | Necromancer Armor | Demonologist Armor
Priest Path Acolyte Armor | Priest Armor | Cleric Armor | Prophet Armor | Sage Armor | Mystic Armor
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