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Spellcasters are a magical damage dealing class. They are able to attack enemies from afar while also keeping them by locking their movement. Additionally, Spellcasters are able to attack enemies with close range spells as well. Despite their formidable magic power, their defensive ability is somewhat lacking and is one of the more fragile classes in Grand Fantasia.

Spellcasters can advance to Mage at Lv 15.



  • Long Range - Spellcasters are able to hit enemies from afar.
  • High Magic Damage Output - Whether it's single target or Area of Effect, Spellcasters have the highest magic damage output in the game out of the four starting classes.
  • Rooting - Spellcasters have more than one way to root foes, handy for situations where you can't win a fight or to lock down enemies easily in parties.


  • Weak Defense - A Spellcasters defensive capability is vastly low due to them wearing cloth.
  • Leaves Self Open - Especially with bosses, Spellcasters cannot easily endure prolonged fights and will find themselves quickly dead if they have too high malice in parties.


Damage (Single) Skill

egogtw.jpg Magic Rocket
Inflicts magical damage upon a single enemy target. Additionally, this spell grants one Charge Point per cast (for use by the Magic Star Cannon spell) up to a maximum of five.

Damage (Area) Skill

14t36l3.jpg Toxic Cloud
Deals magical damage to all enemies in an 8 meter radius around the caster.

2rrsa6q.jpg Magic Star Cannon
Inflicts the Dizzy status effect as well as a large amount of magical damage to all enemy units within a 10 meter radius of the target. Damage inflicted increases by a fixed rate for each additional Charge Point beyond one, to a maximum of five.

Debuff Skill

33jqzb5_th.jpg Blunting Blade
Target enemy's physical attack damage is reduced by a fixed amount for 16 seconds.

2i052mx.jpg Magical Shackles
Immobilizes target enemy for a limited time (immobilized enemies can still attack while snared as long as their target is within their range).


ChainedMagicBurst.png Chained Magic Burst
Increase magic critical hit chance and increases chance to double attack.

magicdefensespecialist.jpg Magic Ward Specialist
Increases your magic defense.

staffspecialist.jpg Staff Specialist
When staff equipped, increases magic damage. Increases magic critical hit damage.

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