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In the years before the war, the Elves communed peacefully with nature and the four primal elements. Their greatest practitioners of this magic were Sorcerers, the defenders of the Elven homelands and guides over their people. The woods, plains, and hills of their homelands breathed life into the plentiful elemental nodes, and it is there that the first Ethereals taught the Elves the art of elemental magic.

As war ravaged Iris, forests were burned and fields were destroyed. Unable to stand by any longer, the most powerful Sorcerers--known as Elementalists and Specialists--met to discuss Iris's plight. Agreeing that they could no longer rest calmly while Iris toiled in conflict, they sent emissaries to both armies. They first attempted to barter for peace and later beseeched the Gods for it. Their requests fell on deaf ears, as neither God could accept a retreat.

Spurred by the unwillingness of the Gods to end the conflict, the Sorcerers took action and joined the war. Some chose a more aggressive path and joined Eres, no longer believing Apollon to be the great God they once thought. Others felt that Apollon had no choice but to continue the war; they saw Eres as the cause of the world's demise and thus joined the side of Light. Those remaining held to a neutral stance and fought to keep the devastation from the lands they dwelt within, fighting only when threatened. As the conflict receded, the Sorcerers once again returned to their seclusion, ignoring the politics while tending the land, roaming in search of damaged nodes and leylines in need of repair.

The threat of war again lingers in the air and the Sorcerers feel urged to do their part to prevent a new war. Sides are being taken and new alliances made. Which side will you choose?

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