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Kingdom Heroes features a soldier system whereby you can hire NPC troops to fight for your cause.

Soldiers are divided into three main categories: male, female and animal :

  • Male soldiers lean towards melee, and often have higher HP and defense; therefore they can be used to absorb damage and usually last longer in fights.
  • Female soldiers lean towards supporting roles in their advanced classes. As such, their statistics generally favor dexterity and strength, which give higher chances for scoring critical hits.
  • Animals provide high offensive power but lack attack speed.


Soldier level

  • You can't deploy soldiers who are higher in level than you.
  • A soldier who have the same level as you won't outlevel you. He/she will remain at 99% until you level up.
  • Soldiers won't lose EXP when they die.

Soldier Deployment

To deploy soldiers in your command, assign soldiers to squads with a specific formation and give them combat commands, known as tactics. Once the soldiers are in your soldier inventory (press B and look at the bottom area, where there is a 10 wide x 2 deep bar) they can be assigned to a squad.

Soldier Loyalty

Loyalty affects a soldier's a will to fight. A loyalty below 30 (soldier's name appears in darkblue) means the soldier will fight slower and less effectively. A soldier with a loyalty of 0 cannot be deployed.

  • Loyalty decreases by 5 when a soldier dies
  • After level 30, soldiers lose loyalty based on the amount of damage they take.
    • Note : Male and Female conscripts' loyalty decrease 4x slower than all other classes.

Loyalty can be raised by using different items :

Icon Name Raised by Where to get :
mrbyq1.jpg Brocaded Silk 5
  • Dropped by all bosses (mid-low rate)
  • Dropped by all monsters (very low rate)
  • Merit official [60 Merits]
  • Daily Quest Pouch
  • Item Mall
r8dvub.jpg Jade Artifact 20
  • Dropped by 120++ bosses (low rate)
  • Merit official [200 Merits]
  • Daily Quest Pouch
  • Item Mall
t80xkx.jpg Platinum Bar 60
  • Item Mall
2wltxg7.jpg Morale Talisman

For Morale Talisman duration :

  • +1 loyalty per hour
  • Ignore loyalty loss due to damage received
  • 7-day : Daily Quest Pouch
  • 30-day : Item Mall

Soldier equipement

All soldiers can equip items to raise their fighting potential. Soldiers are limited in the type of weapons and armor they can use( valid types are indicated when you mouse-over their equip slots). Soldiers can also use a Talisman.

  • Small note :

Because soldiers do not have skill quest bonus, their weapons won't glow and won't get any bonus from upgrades; a +30 weapon will only give +30 attack, and a +30 armor will only give +30 defense.

All enchants (including special one) work for soldiers

Promote soldier

All soldiers can be promoted to a better class once they fulfill these requirements :

  • The soldier has reached or surpassed the required level [see Soldier Promotion Tree]
  • You have the correct Promotion token to promote him/her
  • You have enough money to promote the soldier

Once all of the above are fulfilled, you can speak to aConscription Officer

Soldier Promotion Tree

  • Female


  • Male


Lv1 20gjvjq.jpg Female Conscript
Lv30 34qab1e.jpg Female Guard
THEN Lv60 160bhjc.jpg Assassin
Lv120 2zt8x1w.jpg Elite Assassin
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Punisher
OR Lv60 2ngwys8.jpg Lady Archer
Lv120 289ilqp.jpg Elite Lady Archer
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Sniper
OR Lv60 6dtv9e.jpg Cavalry Archer
Lv120 k7t76.jpg Elite Cavalry Archer
Lv180 windrider.jpg Windrider
OR Lv60 vzvqeh.jpg Sword Soldier
Lv120 dep83p.jpg Elite Sword Soldier
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Swordfighter
OR Lv60 2qui6c8.jpg Dancer
Lv120 148qc9j.jpg Elite Dancer
Lv180 showgirl.jpg Showgirl
OR Lv60 24lqy3o.jpg Martial Artist
Lv120 2lc1r8g.jpg Elite Martial Artist
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Blackbelt
Lv1 2ce6jy9.jpg Male Conscript
Lv30 30tgj06.jpg Male Guard
THEN Lv60 ru0594.jpg Hammer Soldier
Lv120 f2vme8.jpg Elite Hammer Soldier
Lv180 33w04g4.jpg Powerstriker
OR Lv60 2h87lzp.jpg Iron Shield Soldier
Lv120 t9e0bc.jpg Elite Iron Shield Soldier
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Shieldbearer
OR Lv60 10ee91j.jpg Light Cavalry Soldier
Lv120 2yov1hg.jpg Elite Light Cavalry
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Stormrider
OR Lv60 35hoh89.jpg Longbowman
Lv120 346ls3p.jpg Elite Longbowman
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Sharpshooter
OR Lv60 3522q9c.jpg Spear Soldier
Lv120 s5d6y8.jpg Elite Spear Soldier
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Dragoon
OR Lv60 256e4iv.jpg Blade Soldier
Lv120 6izq61.jpg Elite Blade Soldier
Lv180 blademaster.jpg Blademaster
Lv30 2lbcsbt.jpg Eagle
Lv60 2sbqqzr.jpg Armored Eagle
Lv120 2cqg192.jpg Elite Armored Eagle
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Heavenly Eagle
Lv30 15z2lw1.jpg Wolf
Lv60 200zhug.jpg Armored Wolf
Lv120 4h8mly.jpg Elite Armored Wolf
Lv180 15z2lw1.jpg Pale Wolf

Number of soldiers

The number of soldiers you can deploy is managed by Unit points and CHArisma, ALL conditions need to be ok to be able to use them.

Unit Points

Every soldier use a certain number of Unit points :

  • Cavalry Archer and Light Cavalry tree costs 2 Unit points
  • All others soldiers costs 1 Unit point

Your class determines the number of Unit point you have :

Warrior Conjurer Fencer Tactician
2 2 4 6

example :

  • if you are a warrior you can use 2 Female Archers or 1 Light Cavalry


Every soldier also use up a certain number of CHA . If you lack the CHA needed for your squad, you won't be able to deploy it.

CHA cost for every class of soldiers:

Lv1 Lv30 Lv60 Lv120 Lv180
Human Soldier 5 10 15 20 25
Cavalry Soldier 30 40 50
Animal Soldier 5 15 20 25

example :

  • if you have 20 CHA you can deploy 4 Male conscripts or 2 Male Guards

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