Sly Mountain Wolf

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Monster Type: No Fame
No Image
Level Money 0 gold.png 0 silver.png 0 copper.png
Aggro Level Passive Experience
Locations [[]]

Level 13
Behavior Aggressive
Location Steam Mine Mountain
Experience 293 (lvl. 13)
Quests Lv13 Proof of Claw
Drops Attila's Long Flute,Cenozoic Stone, Earth Metal Fragment, Elemental Robe, (Mage/Wizard/Necromancer, lvl.13 D:207, M-D:203),Gospel Robe (Priest/Cleric/Sage, lvl.10 D:260, M-D:202), Lost Power of the Sand, Mountain Wolf Claw, Potion, Splintered Tusk
Money 23 copper.png - 32 copper.png
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