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Skills are special abilities your character can use, ranging from the beneficial to the downright destructive. Each class has its own skills that make it unique. All skills require Skill Points to learn. Each character begins with 5 skill points, and receives a fixed amount of Skill Points upon a Level Up, depending upon the mode of that character. In addition, some skills are only available to characters that are Hard Mode or exclusive to Ultimate Mode characters.

Easy Mode: 3 Skill Points per Level Up(Cannot use Special Skills)

Normal Mode: 3 Skill Points per Level Up

Hard Mode: 4 Skill Points per Level Up

Ultimate Mode: 5 Skill Points per Level Up

To open the skill window in-game, press your skill hotkey, (Default settings: K) or the skill button. skills.png



NM HM UM icon_skill_1_7_7.png Dispel
Skill Level Cost Description Range Cast MP SP CD
193 Removes : Poison, Illness, Delusion, Fear, Doom, Dull, Misfortune24mInst40----
2193 Removes : Sleep, Unconsciousness, Silence, Darkness, Pause, Slow24mInst90----
3343 Removes : Soul Stopper, Degeneration, Flite, Attribute Remove24mInst170----

Skill Lists

Mage/Pagan Skills

Priest/Oracle Skills

Fighter/Warrior Skills

Defender/Guardian Skills

Archer/Hunter Skills

Ranger/Assassin Skills

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