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Dynamic Skill Tome & Token drop list : This is an entirely re-engineered version of the original Boss Drop List. Where the previous version was merely listings organized by province within the Kingdom Heroes world, this version is a database driven interface, thus the inclusion of "Dynamic". Each click on an entry filters and displays information that fits the selected criteria ; Class, Boss, Tome, etc ; and just about every entry is "clickable" within each generated display.

How to Use
Across the top of the initial page are five clickable headings :

  • Province - refers to the main landmasses (including instance maps)
  • Area - listing of Cities & Towns (does not list subareas i.e. Sanli Hill, Mount Li, etc.)
  • Boss - listing of all bosses by name (sortable headers)
  • Item - listing of each tome and which class they are for (includes Tome name if different than the actual skill)
  • Class - listing of each class (including basic, advanced, and soldier)

Click one of the headings to begin your search, then click deeper into the generated listings to continue your search.

EX 1 :

  • Initial click : Instance 30 from Province listing
  • Second click : Healing Barrier

End Result : Instance 30 > Healing Barrier ; generated listing that displays all potential sources of the Healing Barrier Tome.

EX 2 :

  • Initial Header selected : Class
  • Class Selection choice : Strategist
  • Skill Selection choice : Revival

Clicking this sequence of entries generates a listing of sources for Revival : Class > Strategist > Revival


  • Still a work in progress :
    • Still needs further translations ( thus the entries such as "Lv180? Windrider DB 1" )
    • Still needs further Skill -> Tome Name data
  • Some of this information comes from other released versions of Kingdom Heroes and there may be differences between those versions and the Aeria version

Original concept by Aeria user Sltlelnino : Aeria Forum Topic

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