Shrinking Potion

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Name: Shrinking Potion

Level: 35

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Daily

Activation: Receive from Jenna.


"The experiment failed again. And we don't have any materials left!"
"The bug disaster was terrible, but insects are perfect ingredients for shrinking potions. I was so close to making one! I nearly used up all the Meat and Sickled Legs."
"Could you get me those?"
"I need Rockhorn Worm Meat and Scythe Mantis's Sickle Limbs to continue my studies."
"I'll buy whatever you can bring me."



"These bugs are not easy to find," Jenna whispered to you.
"In the alchemy black-market, these bugs are rather expensive."
"I'm excited to have so many materials." Jenna poured some strange liquid from one beaker into another.



"Oh, these are the best materials. I will buy all you have." Jenna seemed rather satisfied after looking through the Meat and Sickle Limbs you brought back.
Then, some purple smoke came from the beaker. "It failed again? Curses! I'm going to use up all of my materials again!"
"Want to make a deal?" Jenna raised an eyebrow.
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