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This page is outdated. Currently under construction.

The Shop Interface:


Try Out: Test out how items look when equipped to your character before buying them. Click on items in the shop to try them on and use the palette to change their colors. If you're ready to purchase the look, click the "Save Image" button to jump to the purchase window and buy all you need to make your new look a reality!

Cart: Holding place for items you wish to purchase but are not ready to buy just yet. Here you can select the expiration date for many items or remove an item from the list. This list will empty out once you leave the shop.

Save Image: Jumps to the purchase window so you can buy all you need to make your new look a reality!

Palette: Choose color variations for items and select your skin complexion.

    • Select Color: Choose color of selected items. Applies to hats, glasses, outfits, hair, eyes and facial decorations only. There are 54 colors to choose from.
    • Skin Tone: Can only be chosen when changing Eye color. There are 54 colors to choose from.

Buy: Purchase the items you have placed into your cart.

Donate: Send items you have placed into your cart to appointed players as gifts after purchasing.

Shopping Categories: Hot: The newest and most heavily purchased items that the game recommends you have.

Weapon: A selection of all the standard weaponry in the game of DDTank. Each weapon is available for either gender.

Style: Suit and dress your character in the finest threads money can buy. Purchase Outfits, Hats, Glasses, Jewelry and special Suits for your character here. Use the button in the upper left to change genders if buying for a friend.

Salon: It's the little things that count. Purchase your choice of Hair, Wings, Eyes and various other facial decorations here.

Item: All the things you need to gain power and prestige in the world of DDTank. Special packages, various stones, bonus experience and glory, even the item you need to get married; the Engagement Ring! You can also select the unique category to get yourself a special chat balloon that players can see while in battle lobbies or during fights.

Barter: A special selection of items that you can purchase only with Vouchers or Medals that you receive from performing special tasks and events! Functions similar to the rest of the shop with tabs going down the right side instead of across the top!

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