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Group: Novice > Hunter > Archer > Ranger / Assassin > Sharpshooter / Darkstalker


Once a Ranger reaches Lv65 they're able to upgrade their class to SharpShooter. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introduces a few new skills.



Sharpshooters are a powerful ranged class. Sharpshooters are the fourth tier of Archers, they are long range based fighters. They use firearms and bows to fight their target at a distance. Although Sharpshooters have many advantages, they have the giant disadvantage of low HP (health points) and defense, so if the enemy gets close only a skilled ranger will get out alive.

Advantages of a Sharpshooter:

  • Stronger Ranged Skills: The Sharpshooters powers make them even more deadly, having an advantage in PvE and PvP.
  • Huge DPS: With their quick attacks, long range and great damage, Sharpshooters have a large boost against any enemy, if he can manage to keep him far away.
  • Evasion: They have a decent evasion, being useful in some situations.

Disadvantages of a Sharpshooter:

  • Low HP and Defence: Compared to other classes, Sharpshooters have low HP, Defence and Magic Defense.
  • Difficulty: When a enemy gets too close only a good Sharpshooter can escape. You have to have a certain talent to use this class.






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