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Courage and strength alone may not always be enough to conquer your foes. Sometimes you may need a trick or two up your sleeve. One of the coolest tricks in Dragon Knights is the transformation system.

Using this system you can temporarily become a variety of monsters, with their own stats and abilities. This is great if you are a tank and you need long range magic abilities, or if you are squishy and need to toughen up for part of a quest.


How to Transform

You can transform as early as level 1, you just need all the proper tools. In order to Transform, you just need 1 transformation item and a monster to transform into.

An example of transformation can be seen on the left.

Transformation Items

There are various types of items you can use to transform. Each one has a different effect, so it is useful to know what you are getting into. Simply use any of these items in your inventory to transform.

  • Transformation Stick: This will transform you into a random monster in your registry. You can use this in conjunction with a control ring to pick which monster. One stick is used each time you transform.

  • Transformation Scroll: This is a 1 time use item that will transform you into a monster of your choice.

  • Transformation Control Ring: This allows you to pick which monster you wish to transform into as long as you use it before you use a transformation stick.

Monster Registry

Your monster registry is a collection of all the monsters you can transform into. You start the game with all monsters levels 1 through 10 for free. Past that you must add monsters into your registry using a Monster Card. These items can be found and bought all over DK Online, so keep an eye out!
Clicking "P" on your keyboard will bring up the Transformation UI.
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