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Basic Information

Field Notes

The Sentinel is a dual-wielding gunfighter that relies on speed and accuracy more than lethal damage. Her small size and increased movement speed allow her to dart quickly from fight to fight, providing covering fire for her allies, and damaging and disabling her enemies. With a Sentinel on the field, an impish grin and a hail of gunfire are often the last things an opponent ever sees.

Serial Number: 333325479G
Archetype: Sentinel
Base Clone DNA: Eastern European
Height: 4'11"
Bust: 21A
Waist: 19
Hips: 25

Psych Profile

With her miniature frame and excitable nature, the Sentinel is sometimes mistaken as naïve, or even childlike. In reality, her frenzied energy leans a little more towards the manic. In combat she’ll often stop to help an ally, stay just long enough to make a difference, and then dart off towards a more interesting fight. While this makes her unpredictable at times, it also makes her a terror on the battlefield: enemies never know exactly when or where she’ll appear next, ready to unleash hell on her unsuspecting victims.


As the only Arkana that wields two firearms, the Sentinel’s enhancements focus heavily on ambidexterity and accuracy. The Cross-Dominance module guarantees that every Sentinel can aim and fire both weapons independently, allowing her to instantly cripple an opponent by disabling multiple limbs or vital organs at once. Combined with augmented quick-fire musculature for dramatic bursts of speed, the Sentinel will often dash straight through a raging melee, leaving a trail of incapacitated enemies for her allies to finish off on their own. Like the Punisher, the Sentinel has been outfitted with a mental link to her weapons. There is no need to pull a trigger when using the TK-6 Stiletto. She need only aim, and a mental command will fire the weapon with zero loss of accuracy.

Class Weapon

The Sentinel wields a matching pair of TK-6 Stilettos. While the Stiletto rarely leaves a gaping wound, it was designed to possess unmatched piercing power within its effective range. When combined with the Sentinel’s enhanced abilities, a pair of Stilettos will punch right through a target’s armor to sever tendons, burst arteries, and puncture windpipes – all within fractions of a second. Like the ancient dagger from which it draws its name, the Stiletto requires a skilled user to be effective. But in the right hands, it is absolutely devastating.

Class Mech

Specifically designed to accommodate her smaller size, the Kumari Mech arms the Sentinel with a deadly rapid-fire machine gun. While the Mech does hamper her movement speed, it increases her damage output dramatically, allowing her to mow down enemies she would have normally avoided. It also amplifies her latent Chakra, granting her the ability to cause debilitating seismic tremors beneath her opponents and render them helpless against her attacks.

Class Pros and Cons


  • One of the highest damage classes
  • High mobility, one of the fastest classes
  • Low cost debuff combined with elemental damage and initial damage rating
  • Long attack range & rapid attacks enable sentinel to cover large area quickly
  • Detects Shadow Walker stealth
  • Mech-mode increases the Sentinel's detection range and damage ratio dramatically


  • Rapid SP consumption
  • Low Hit Point
  • When your self buff is down, you are one of the squishiest classes
  • Generally more difficult for new players to learn
  • More people play this class so demand for gear is high making your gear more expensive


Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
61113.jpg Double-Death While the basic attack skills do not consume SP, they do not demonstrate the extent of the Sentinel's ability.
61119.jpg Deadeye Aim Costing very little SP and boasting a very low cooldown, this skill only grows better and better as more ranks are invested in it.
61125.jpg Rapidfire A more powerful attack than Deadeye Aim, with a slightly longer cooldown.
61131.jpg Boneshatter Peppers the enemy with a deadly fusillade, dealing heavy damage and continuously reducing their ATK.
61137.jpg Gatling Storm Despite its longer cooldown, this skill is a lot stronger than basic attacks and continuously reduces the target's VOID. Higher Ch-ATK ratings yield higher damage.
61143.jpg Crater-Maker Despite its longer cooldown, this skill is a lot stronger than basic attacks and continuously reduces the target's VOID. A weapon with Ch-ATK bonuses will boost damage.
61126.jpg Stupefy A basic attack power skill that causes an oncoming enemy to be Knocked Out.
61132.jpg Tumbleweed Kick An end-over-end kick technique that causes a nearby enemy to be Knocked Out.
61138.jpg Hex A stealth debuff that applies a DEF penalty to the target. PVP effect: Hex has the additional effect of removing a Medic's Vital Enchantment buff on the target, effective up to Lvl 02.
35346346.png Exhaust A stealth debuff that applies a penalty to the target's ATK and Chakra resistances. The effect is amplified when combined with Hex.
61121.jpg Evaporate This skill has high Ch-ATK strength. Because the min and max attack strength range is so broad, damage is not unilaterally applied.
61127.jpg Particle Burst This skill has high Ch-ATK strength. Because the min and max attack strength range is so broad, damage is not unilaterally applied. A weapon with Ch-ATK bonuses will boost damage.
61122.jpg Atomic Shot Atomic Chakra skills reduce movement speed. A weapon with Ch-ATK bonuses will boost damage.
61128.jpg Atomic Burst Atomic Chakra skills reduce movement speed. This skills damages the designated target as well as nearby affected enemies.
2353464.png Photon Trap installs a trap on the ground that is invisible to enemies but visible to allies. Disappears when its timer runs out, or when it has been deployed by the maximum number of times. The combo skills will activate if there's an enemy within the trap's range when it performs a check for enemies, which occurs every 2 seconds.
61124.jpg Inner Sight A special Sentinel-exclusive buff that increases movement speed and detection. This effect can be maintained for long periods, however, it continuously consumes SP.
61130.jpg LightSpeed Temporarily increase movement speed, enabling the Arkana to escape or give chase.
61136.jpg Eagle-eye Temporarily increase crit rate for all allies, increases damage output.
61142.jpg Skirting Disaster Increases a Sentinel's survival skills. Evade enables her to evade a certain percentage of enemy attacks, while void reduces the physical damage she receives.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
61101.jpg Intermediate Health Mastery Increases Max HP
61102.jpg Advanced Soul Mastery Increases MAX SP
61103.jpg Advanced Damage Mastery Increases ATK
61104.jpg Detection Mastery Increases detection
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