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Sell Only Items

Name Sells for Dropped by Quote
Bloodstained Heart 72 copper.png Swift Strike Dragon "A heart with blood one it? Stop the presses!"
Broken Claw 72 copper.png Swift Jungle Dragon, Southern Island Swift Dragon "You've got the claw on your side"
Broken Totem Pieces 72 copper.png "There is still some spiritual power in these totem pieces"
Cast-off Shell 63 copper.png Hearty Swampcrab "The housing market just isn't what it used to be"
Coarse Crystal Powder 45 copper.png Magic Jelly Rabbit, Naughty Jelly Rabbit "Not to be taken internally."
Damaged Fur 36 copper.png Cloned Beast, Grassland Buck, Hunting Wolf, Hungry Coyote, Wily Wolf, Mystic Wolf, Forest Wolf, Grassland Sunbird, Colorful Sunbird "Must be all those split ends."
Dessicated Fruit 93 copper.png Wetland Jelly Rabbit "Already dried out and waiting to be put intro trail mix."
Disgusting Ooze 72 copper.png Muddy Jelly Rabbit "Do not use near turtles"
Dirty Bag  ? copper.png Lumberyard Patrol "The former owner of this bag was probably not so lucky."
Dry Seaweed 36 copper.png Shell Crab "Quick, sell it before it begins to stink."
Empty Bucket  ? copper.png Lumberyard Guard Captain "You be stealin' their bucket."
Flea-Market Earrings 63 copper.png Lumber Transporter "Not the finest jewellery in the land"
Foul Smelling Toxin 50 copper.pngBanded Spider, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Greenstripe Spider, Night Light Spider "Sort of like perfume for a date you want to end right away."
Good Branch 63 copper.png Ashen Wisewood,Toasted Wisewood, Lumber Transporter "Good for what,though?"
Grains of Sand 45 copper.png Blue Bull Worm, Magic Jelly Rabbit "Not the sands of time, just regular sand."
Humid Wood 68 copper.png Treant Elder "Heat-treated by mother nature"
New Recruit's Handbook  ? copper.png Hill Giant Guard "As long as their are new recruits in the world, someone, somewhere will need this book"
Rotten Egg 68 copper.png (Inside eggs on Southern Island) "A favourite of mischievous youths"
Rotten Seed 16 copper.png (Inside Man-Eating Grass Seed) ""
Sharp Incisor 63 copper.png Vampire Bat "A truly cutting-edge item
Simple Handbag 50 copper.png Grassland Buck "But is it brand name?"
Smooth Skin 63 copper.png Southern Island Swift Dragon "So smooth~"
Spider Web 93 copper.png Whiterock Spider, Female Whiterock Spider "Those monsters, always spinning webs wherever they can..."
Splintered Tusk 45 copper.png Flying Dragon Baby, Forest Wold, Mystic Wolf, Hunting Wolf, Hungry Coyote, Wily Wolf "What'd they do, ram it into a rock or something?"
Sticky Fluid 68 copper.png Muddy Buddy Jelly Rabbit, Dark Swamp Gator "You're probably better off not knowing"
Sticky Pus 68 copper.png Mutant Black Mud Crab "It takes a brave adventurer to pick something like this up."
Soft Fur 57 copper.png Alpine Deer, Spotted Deer, Magic Spotted Deer, Moonlight Deer, Shika Deer, Mystic Wolf, [Forest Wolf] "Oooh, so luxurious. "
Soon-to-be-Hatched Eggs 86 copper.png Female Whiterock Spider "Sell them before they hatch and whatever's inside them imprits you as its parent."
Stolen Letter 57 copper.png Alpine Deer "Well, that was a waste of a stamp. "
Treant's Sap 72 copper.png Ashen Wisewood,Toasted Wisewood "Sort of like tree blood."
Undigested Grass 36 copper.png Jelly Rabbit, Naughty Jelly Rabbit, Spotted Deer, Grassland Buck, Grassland Sunbird, Colorful Sunbird, Mysterious Sunbird, Forest Sunbird, Alpine Deer "Better than carrying around digested grass."
Used Totem 50 copper.png Goblin Hunter, Goblin Croney, Goblin Mage "Couldn't it technically be used again?"
Viscous Venom 79 copper.png Whiterock Spider "Rich, thick, and creamy."
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