Secret Stones

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Secret Stones

Secret Stones are used to enhance a weapon or armor piece to increase a given skill. Basic Secret Stones can be purchased at a Secret Stone Merchant. More advanced Secret Stones can be found by exploring Azuria.

Secret Stones can be inlaid, extracted or upgraded. Upgrading a Secret Stone consumes unwanted Secret Stones to increase the power of a select Secret Stone. Only one Secret Stone can be inlaid into one piece of equipment. They cannot be upgraded beyond the character’s level. Once a Secret Stone is upgraded or inlaid, it cannot be traded.


  • Speak to a Secret Stone Merchant and select dialogue option “I want to embed, extract or upgrade a Secret Stone.
  • Place the Secret Stone to be upgraded in the Upgrade window.
  • Place the Secret Stone to be consumed to enable the upgrade in the slot below the Upgrade window.
  • Receive more Gaia Fragments by salvaging higher level and better quality gear.
  • Left click on the Refine button.
  • Hover mouse pointer over Secret Stone to view stat bonus.



  • Place the gear you wish to inlay in the Inlay window.
  • Place the Secret Stone in the window below the Inlay window.
  • Left click on the Inlay button.
  • Hover mouse pointer over gear to view new stats



  • To extract a Secret Stone, place the gear with the stone you wish to extract in the designated window, then left click on the extract button.


  • Secret stones are mainly limited to a certain item type. This information is found underneath the stones stats.


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