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Basic Information

Sealing is one of the many ways to enhance items. It provides otherwise hard to obtain bonuses.

Sealing NPCs can be found in each major base (Enocia, Bitterstone ...), in Caergate and in Delilah Nightclub.

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with lingerie unsealing.


The interface is very easy to understand : one slot to put the item in. Sealing costs a few coins.

A sealed item cannot be traded, placed in the auction house nor salvaged. A sealed item can, however, be enhanced or randomized. You can unseal an item, but it will take 24 hours after the paying for the item to be effectively unsealed.


The bonuses obtained on sealing are item-specific.

  • Earring: + ACC%
  • Trinket: + SP%
  • Necklace: + CP%
  • Ring: + Crit. ATK
  • All Armors: + HP
  • All Weapons: + Min & Max ATK

You can also seal lingeries but it does not provide any bonus. Bikes can also be sealed, but this does not improve their performance in any way.

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