Seabell IV

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Name: Seabell IV

Level: 9

Location: Tranquil Hill

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Rolf. Requires completion of Seabell III.

Next Quest: Seabell V

Legend: Tranquil Hill Sec 1: Seabell


"I have an urgent job for you."
"The mayor wants some Salt Pearls from Starry Coast - the restaurant is almost out, and Eyern can't season his boar meat without them. You can get Salt Pearls from Bay Angellies. Watch out for the crabs, though! They're very territorial!"
"You should be able to see Starry Coast after you cross the south bridge. It's a famous landmark of Tranquil Hill," Rolf explained.



"Alas!" Spence sighed gustily.
"Rolf always says the police station is too busy because they don't have enough people, but no one knows what's keeping him so occupied!"



"You got the Salt Pearls? I'm a little surprised you managed! It's not easy."
"I can't believe Rolf asked you to do it, though," Spence snapped. "He's overstepping his bounds. The police should be collecting pearls!"
"But thank you for your help."
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