Seabell I

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Name: Seabell I

Level: 8

Location: Tranquil Hill

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Bamen. Requires completion of Leave for Tranquil Hill.

Next Quest: Seabell II

Legend: Tranquil Hill Sec 1: Seabell


"Welcome to Seabell!"
"Do you see the terrible situation on the north beach? There are a bunch of Noctiluca Angellies there searching for food."
"They're disrupting our fishing," said Bamen. "We're a little busy with something else though. Could you help us, {Guardian}?"
"Deal with the Noctiluca Angellies and hunt Starshell Hermit Crabs for me. I think we can sell the crabs for some money."



"The troubles come one by one..."
"I must determine a solution for the people in town," he proclaimed.
"Why are you still here?" asked Bamen. "The Noctiluca Angellies and Starshell Hermit Crabs aren't going to hunt themselves. They're on the north beach."



"You already took care of the Noctiluca Angellies?" Bamen seemed impressed and accepted the Crab Meat.
"The people in the town really appreciate what you did for them," he says sincerely.
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