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Scrolls are one of the few ways a character can dispel any ill effects (known as debuffs) they are suffering from, another way is to use a Potion. When your character is affected by one (or more) of these debuffs, a blinking white icon will appear in the buff-debuff area in the top middle of your game screen.

You can either wait for it to expire as they all have a limited duration, or use a scroll to end the effect immediately. Each scroll cures one specific condition that is currently affecting the character and all instances of that condition if the character is affected by multiple debuffs that cause that condition.

Example : If a character was affected by both Silence Blow and Halt Kick, a single Silence Cure scroll would end both effects since they both cause the Silence condition.

Icon Name Condition Displayed Debuff Icons
x2s8zd.jpg Darkness Cure Darkness 206n921.jpg
x2s8zd.jpg Silence Cure Silence 14vpbgm.jpg 2j607ps.jpg
25gyrfb.jpg Stop Cure Pause 10o4pqr.jpg 9i4xnq.jpg 20091s0.jpg e8ve60.jpg dg4bv6.jpg 2yooewg.jpg 726dug.jpg
25gyrfb.jpg Slow Cure Slow 107ki94.jpg iyhssz.jpg zya7pi.jpg 2i87rxk.jpg 5x7n9u.jpg
24zm4av.jpg Hypnosis Cure Sleep 1678aqv.jpg
24zm4av.jpg Stun Cure Stun rkmsg2.jpg w9y8hh.jpg 9u4ztv.jpg n6pehf.jpg
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