Scorching Wind Desert

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Scorching Wind Desert
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Sub Location of:
Misc Area
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
42 - 48
A wide desert with a ruined city on its center, players around level 42+ come through this area. The quests here take you through the whole area. Monsters here drops Lost Power of the Hurricanes which can be released in the Hurricane Altar south of Serene Oasis. One of the areas where some quests can obtain REP between various cities, in this area for example, you can get quests for Jale REP and Kaslow REP.

The Guild Boss Nazrudin roams the map, usually it can be found around Bath City Ruins. The dungeon Roaring Maw can be found northeast of the area.

NPC's: Scorching Wind Desert NPC's
Quests: Scorching Wind Desert Quests
Monsters: Scorching Wind Desert Monsters
Name Level Aggro Type
Desert Widow 42 Yes Beast
Sand Scorpion 42 Yes Beast
Bath Warrior 43 Yes Undead
Bath Ghoul 43 Yes Undead
Bath Lich 43 Yes Undead
Stone Pillar Dragon 44 Yes Beast
Roaring Dragon Whelp 44 Yes Beast
Scrubland Scorpion 45 Yes Beast
Dunewalker Scorpion (Boss) 45 Yes Beast
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