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Description of Class


At level 85, a Prophet can choose to become a Saint.


-Can attain high HP, high defenses.

-Grinding skills become better with certain equipment.

-Class can heal high amounts of HP, this limits them to the spending of HP pots.

-Can be tanky in PvP/PvE settings.

-Less costly then most classes.


-While DPS has increased, still not substantial enough to do real damage in higher level dungeons/PvP arenas.

-Is taken down very easily if ganged in Player vs. Player due to the inability to be unable to take damage with debuffs.

-Has to spend excessive amounts of gold and/or lovercoins for Mana Potions.

-Hard to level by ones-self.




Ancient Moon Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// Serial Destruction 2 87 Attack with ??% chance of double damage ???
http:// Offensive Intent 2 STR +40 , Vit +5 Elsaland Fame 25,000
http:// Magic Heart 2 Max HP +5%, M.DEF +7% Iron Stone Association 36,000 Fame

Ancient Sun Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
http:// Godly Power 2 90 Physical damage +??%, WIL +?? ???
http:// Holy Energy 2 5% chance being attacked to recover 800mp, Casting Time -5% Crystal Guardian Points 4,500
http:// Holy Explosion 2 Hammer of Judgement damage +15%, God's Censure damage +12% <True Black Bone Pirate Robot> Alpha DC

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