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Group: Novice > Acolyte > Priest > Cleric / Sage > Prophet / Mystic


A Sage is one of the progression path of the Priest, starting at level 30, the other path is that of the Cleric. Sages are talented hybrid characters, assuming the forms of different animals to change up strategies and enhance their abilities.


Becoming a Sage


  • A Sage may use either a Hammer or a Staff, though it's best to obtain and hotkey both to use whenever the situation calls.
  • Healing is not influenced by M-ATK (magic attack), so use whichever stat you like while having the exact same healing capability.
  • 2-Handed hammers have better DPS while 1-Handed hammers have a 2 Stun probability built in. This concludes that 2-Handed hammers are better for XP/Loot grinding while 1-Handed hammers are better for PvP. One Handed Hammers have more damage per hit but 1H hammers gives more hits per minute, meaning more critical hits, ability procs, and also speeds up skilluse.
  • Since Sages can switch into various forms and roles, every stat is important for Sages. INT/WIL/STR are important for the Human and Eagle forms and AGI/STR/VIT are important for the Wolf and Gorilla forms.


  • Sages can use sprites that craft Staves, Relics, Hammers (Sprites can craft both one-handed and two-handed hammers), and Priest Armor.


  • Versatility - Can switch form immediately to assume different roles through transformations; wolf, eagle and ape form. This means they can fit well into multiple roles in a party.
  • Healing Ability - Many healing spells means they're not reliant on healing potions.
  • HoT's - A sage in human form is a good healer with HoTs (Heal over time spells) and Heal spells. Great Eagle form has an instant heal skill which also increases movement speed.
  • Stealth - Sages have the ability of invisibility, and as wolf form have extremely high evasion.
  • Solo - One of the best soloing classes in the game, able to apply evasion, physical damage reduction, and healing to maximize survivability in a dungeon or on the map, also with decent downtime.
  • High damage output - Sages have a very high DPS rate if equipped correctly.
  • Parties - Sages are always wanted in parties because they can do any role it needs to, ie Melee DPS, Magic DPS, Healer etc.


  • Equipment Dependability - Requires proper upgraded equipment to maximize its abilities.
  • MP cost - Spells have high MP cost.
  • Healing - Cannot heal as well as Clerics without proper gear.




  • No Ancient Talents Listed

Mastery System

  • No Mythic

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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