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For Ursun Glyph crafting see, Engraving.

For more information see, Class Glyph System


Rune Enchantment or, Class glyphs, work much like the way class certificates do. The more classes a player has unlocked, the more bonus a player may combine.

The glyph is accessible by opening up the character stats window, and clicking on the tab labelled "Class Glyph" on the top.


Players may obtain glyphs through Ursun Engraving.


In order to use a class glyph, that particular class must be unlocked and the class must be level 35.

To use a glyph simply right-click it to activate the bonus


Each class has five different glyphs to choose from, but only one from that class can be activated at a time. However, glyphs may stack.


  • Multiple glyphs from different classes may be activated at once.

Please Note: Glyphs may only last for 14 days.

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