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At the dawn of life on Iris, people hunted and foraged for their own survival. Apollon commanded the Ethereals to assist the Irisians by teaching them new skills to increase their effectiveness. The people were taught how to focus their minds and access the magical leylines of the world. With this ability they were able to render themselves invisible for a few seconds at a time while stalking their prey. Several of the greatest hunters grew restless and began using their new abilities against others becoming outlaws, murderers and thieves.

When the Great War began, life was changed on Iris forever. The hunters responded to the summons, with some fighting for Apollon and others for Eres. Rogue fighters soon became Assassins and Rangers by combining skills learned from the Ethereals with advanced military training. This new class of warrior wreaked havoc on opposing forces throughout the war. A battle is brewing and a new summons has been sent out. Will you take a side and join the fight or remain neutral? The choice is yours.

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