Roaring Maw

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Roaring Maw
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Sub Location of:
Scorching Wind Desert
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
50 - 60
The fifth main dungeon in the game and one of the longest and hardest dungeons in the game. The dungeon is available to players after level 50, the Roaring Maw is located deep in the Scorching Wind Desert. The quests here involves boss kills and mob kills, which is really painful regarding the dungeon's legth. Fortunately there's an emergency exit at the end if the dungeon, meaning you don't have to teleport out or leave party.

Gin in Lost Highlands (582, 584) is the NPC for the first quest for this dungeon, he can be found near the Deserted Cave.

map04.png Nearest Soul Preservation Point: Scorching Wind Desert (615 , 200)

map03.png Nearest Teleport: Scorching Wind Desert

map15.png Mission Order: Levels 50 - 60

map16.png Quests:

NPC's: Roaring Maw NPC's
Quests: Roaring Maw Quests
Monsters: Roaring Maw Monsters
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