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Welcome to the Monster Paradise Wiki

Monster Paradise is a new mobile game recently released by Aeria Games and Entertainment for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download and play for FREE from the App Store.


Become the strongest monster trainer by collecting and fusing over 500 unique monsters! Go on quests to encounter fearsome monsters, journey through distant lands. Battle friends to gain coveted tablet fragments in Monster Paradise!

Humans and Monsters used to live peacefully… until the rise of the Dark Monsters! The only way to save the world is to become the strongest monster trainer and defeat the Dark Monsters with friends!


  • Battle, collect, & fuse from 500+ original monsters to fight by your side!
  • Journey through over 60 in-game areas and 180+ quests.
  • Team up with friends to defeat the Dark Monsters for nice rewards.
  • Battle against other monster trainers to become the strongest!
  • Collect tablets to unlock special & legendary monsters.
  • Watch for special Dark Monster events appearing at certain times of the day!
  • Experience a memorable cast of characters and storyline.
  • Collect more monsters to earn achievements!

Game Basics
Game Basics
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