Red Ridge

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  • Monsters in this Area
Red Ridge
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Sub Location of:
Location Type:
Required Level:
Exp Level Range:
18 - 24
A once fertile ridge, plagued by the dry climate. Redd Ridge is part of the Jale empire. Monsters range from lvl 18-24 here and they drop Lost Powers of the Sand Red Ridge Quests will take you through this area and level you up for the next map. Maximum reputation from this map is 9000 (Jale).

The dungeon Deserted Temple can be found here.

NPC's: Red Ridge NPC's
Quests: Red Ridge Quests
Monsters: Red Ridge Monsters
Level Monster Name
18 Toxic Wasquito
19 Bloodsucking Wasquito
19 Fat Bat
19 Fat Vampire Bat
18 Mountain Scorpion
18 Blue Ridge Scorpion
21 Sabretoothed Cat
21 Mutated Sabretoothed Cat
22 Red Earth Condor
22 Red Scorpion
23 Karzak Guard
23 Karzak Officer
23 Karzak Gunner
24 Karzak Wizard
20 Bloody Wasquito
20 Sandworm
20 Bone-Ripper Sandworm

  • Bosses in this Area
Level Boss Name
19 Blue Bluff Scorpion
21 Blood Storm Wasquito
22 Mutated Sabretoothed Tiger
23 Jester
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