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Set the Point with Full Crit until 50% or 40% (if you cant be patient)& Full Def, Work good in PvE and PvP, My Subclass is guardian


Focus on improving your Critical Rate and DMG on your stats and envoy's path. You could either pick HP or defense, both are good stats. Hp, if you think you can't take multiple damages at once (which you will be doing a lot since nearly all of your skills are AOE), Defense, so you can take large chunks of burst DPS (like bosses and PVP). If you had picked Duelist as a second class, evade becomes and option (I don't really like this idea since you will be playing a game of luck, Evade nullifies any damage taken at a chance. Classes like Sorcerer can reduce your Evade by a lot, so if you encounter one, you're toast.)

I personally picked Sorcerer since it is focused on healing yourself or your allies. It's range is really high, ideal for luring multiple monsters. The debuffs also are ridiculous, it can reduce one's Evade and Critical Rate. If you like to get the combo skills, Take Guardian to be able to take more damage or Duelist to become a full blown DPS.

Do note that Ravager can have 2 skills that can stun. Jawbreaker (Raging Slam mastery) and Seismic Slam stuns for 2 and 3 seconds respectively. If you are lucky, you will be able to stun lock an opponent while healing yourself with Round and Round (1 percent of the damage will heal you, which is a lot if you are using a good weapon). Soaring Slash will be your "go to" skill and you can follow up with a stun then unleash hell, if you have a good Critical Rate and Damage, any non-tank will die in 5 seconds.


Best way I find to build PVE and PVP (not tested much) Ravager/Great Axe is to go full crit in OFFENSIVE, for DEFENSIVE pick defense if you gonna go for more single target and hp for more aoe. ENVOY'S PATH I do is going right down form center with few exceptions. I play Gunslinger/Dual Pistols SUBCLASS and it's really good in my opinion. Little tip: don't go Guardian sub i found it's worst possible thing to do. Of course you can use something another if this don't suit your play style.

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