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Initials Stands For Where to Get or How to?
N Normal Normal Summon, Quests
N+ Normal+ Dark Event Summoning (Silver Ticket), Fusion+
R Rare Premium Summoning Ticket(100%), Normal Summon(About 1% to 10% )
R+ Rare+ Fusion+ or Events
SR Super Rare Premium Summoning Ticket(About 3%), Normal Summon(Lower than 1%), Events(Invite Campaign), or Fusion+
SR+ Super Rare+ Fusion+ or Premium Summoning Ticket(Not sure, but lower than event SR)
UR Ultra Rare Even lower than SR's chance
UR+ Ultra Rare+ Fusion+ , Tbk(to be known)
L Legend Haven't release yet
L+ Legend+ Fusion+ but Legend rarity haven't been release yet

IGN; ExoCore --Exocore123 18:57, 18 August 2012 (EDT)

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