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Sprites can't make anything you want as soon as you get them. You need to level them in order to collect new raw materials, disassemble higher-leveled equipment, and craft more advanced weapons and armor.

This is accomplished by sending them out to collect raw materials(hunting, mining, and foraging), crafting, salvaging, or by training. Check under the Details tab to make sure your sprite has enough stamina to carry out these tasks (medium to full stamina is recommended). If their stamina is low, they are more likely to fail in crafting and collecting and have Bad Events that decrease their mood and stamina.

Sprite Skills

Collect: This includes Hunting, Mining, and Foraging. As your Sprite gains skill in these areas, it will be able to collect rarer items. The higher the level of your Sprite, the more expensive it is to have them collect materials. As your Sprite gains levels, some tasks will become grayed out. You can still send your Sprite on those tasks, but they will no longer gain experience from them.

Weapon/Armor Crafting: Your Sprite will be able to make equipment from the material it collects. As your Sprite gains levels, more equipment options become available. Your Sprite will be able to make white, green, orange, then yellow (yellow starts at level 50) items. It is recommended that your main Sprite be one that creates armor. As it levels you will always have good armor to wear, and wearing 3+ pieces of the same type will give you stat bonuses.

Salvage: Only your main sprite (or some sprites bought from an altar or the auction house) will have this ability. Items with colored names (green, orange, blue, or yellow) can be salvaged with a chance of collecting rare materials. These items are needed for higher level crafting (creating orange and yellow named items). Your Sprite can only salvage items at the same (or lower) level as the Sprite's salvage level. The cheapest way to level salvage is to train it with the ore and wood you can gain from collecting.

Training: Your Sprite can be trained in any of its skills. This will require items that your Sprite can collect, as well as money. Training takes longer than collecting, and generally decreases the mood and a good amount of stamina of your Sprite. It can be the easiest and cheapest way to level a difficult skill (ex. salvage).

Interacting With Your Sprite

Summon: You can summon your Sprite to be with you as you are adventuring. They will automatically pick up any dropped items, and if you have equipped them with Emblems (Blazon), they may provide your character with extra benefits (better defense, attack, or healing).Spending time with you uses up stamina, so it's best to summon them only when their stat bonuses and pick-up skills are needed.

Mood: Yes, they are moody creatures! Chat with them regularly, both before and after a task, and even while they are resting (to recover stamina). Good Events tend to occur more often when they have higher stamina, and are doing a task they enjoy. Magic Soda Pop can be purchased from Sprite Merchants, and will increase the mood by one level (Angry -> Depressed -> Neutral -> Happy -> Elated). Lollipops can be purchased from the Item Mall, and will increase their mood by two levels. Sprites tend to have better success crafting items if they are Elated. You may find that sending a Sprite on a task it enjoys a few times between doing a task it doesn't like will help maintain a better mood.

Equipping: All Sprites are capable of being equipped with Emblems (Blazon), Furniture, and Costumes. Emblems are for combat bonuses, and aren't important in leveling your Sprite. Furniture can decrease collecting time, increase chances of obtaining extra material, and in some cases, "buff" your Sprite's crafting abilities. Basic furniture is given to you on Siwa Island, and you can purchase better types at Sprite Merchants, in the Item Mall, or from other players via the Auction House. Costumes (such as hats and clothing) not only increase chances of collecting extra materials, but also give combat bonuses when your Sprite is summoned. These can also be bought from Sprite Merchants, the Item Mall, and the Auction House.

Evolving: Only your guardian sprite can evolve. This can be done after you reach level 21 (your Sprite gains a body) and 51 (your Sprite gains wings) and then 71 (your Sprite gets sparkles). You will automatically receive a quest sending you to Ilya to speak with Yobelia (a Sprite NPC). Your Sprite will need to have a full experience bar in order to successfully level. It's recommended to raise all of their skills to the max level as well before evolving them, so leveling them in time with your character will be easier for you.

Other Sprite-Related Topics

Events: These occur randomly when your Sprite is performing a task. An event can increase or decrease relationship points, stamina, and mood. An event may also provide you with items (potions, scrolls, chests, and fragments). Generally, better events tend to happen when a sprite has higher stamina and are doing a task they enjoy.

Scrolls: These provide you with a collecting-oriented quest. Right-click it to activate it. You will receive a list of items that your Sprite can collect. When you have collected the right amount, turn the task in to the respective association in the main city (hunting quests go to the Treasure Appraisal Committee in Kaslow, forage tasks go to the Magic Academy in Ilya, and mining tasks go to the Iron Stone Association in Jale). This will earn you reputation points with that faction, and with enough points you will be able to purchase extremely rare items (purchasing items does not use up your reputation points).

Wild Sprites: These Sprites cannot be leveled, and you may find they become less useful to you as you level. When this occurs, you can remove these Sprites by releasing them at any altar (you need to remove their furniture first). When you release them, they will return to their respective Sprite Kings/Queens, who will then take some time to evaluate them. Once they are evaluated you will receive a message in your mailbox from the Sprite King/Queen giving a grade on the Sprite you released. If the Sprite had been trained well (gained several levels in skills), you will be rewarded with reputation points with that Sprite King and a box with three random prizes. If the Sprite had not been trained (or has few skill levels), you will lose reputation points with that Sprite King and as a Sprite Messenger (to not lose reputation, Sprite EXP have to be more then 50%).

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