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Quests 1-10

Quest 1

Quest Name: Yabo Request

NPC: Healer Yabo / Randol City / Juno

Level requirement: 1 - 4

You must find Yabo in the Randol city. He will tell you what he need and why he need it:

(Yabo) "Did you hear that there is a plague sweeping through our villages? I am so worried. You see, it is not a serious disease, but it is highly contagious. So many people are getting sick, and now we are running out of medicine. Can you help me get some Gravel Stones? These stones are formed in the stomachs of Deer who feed upon the magical herbs of Iris. They hold a very powerful magic. Please get these for me. They are needed to make the cure for this epidemic."

So this is what you are going to do:

Collect 6 Gravel Stones. These can be gotten from the Deer. Deliver the stones to Healer Yabo in Randol City, Juno.

NPC Conclusion: (Yabo) Great! Thank you very much. Now I will be able to make more medicine and cure the sick. Here is something for your help.

Reward: Experience 100, Goldcoins 100

Quest 2

Quest Name: Fox Fur Collection

NPC: Healer Yabo / Randol City / Juno

Level requirement: 1 - 5

You must find Yabo in Randol City, He will tell you what he need and why he need it.

(Yabo) We do not know why, but it seems that a pillow of Fox Fur can ease the pain of those suffering from the plague. Can you please help us gather Fox Fur? We will be indebted to you. I promise to reward you for you kindness.

So you are going to collect 10 fox furs. You can find the foxes outside the city. Everytime you kill a fox you will get one piece of fur. So you have to kill 10 foxes to get 10 pieces of fur. Then deliver the furs to Healer Yabo.

NPC Conclusion: (Yabo) Have you gathered the required amount of Fox Fur? Let us see... very good! This is enough to make a pillow. Thank you. Here is the reward I promised.

Reward: Experience 250, Potion of Haste [2]

Quest 3

Quest Name: Transmute the Smelting Stone

NPC: No NPC, it's an automatic quest pop-up

Level requirement: 3

(Lorraine) Hello, I am Lorraine. Sometimes, when shipments arrive in Randol from the harbor city of Tuban, I will get useless equipment from the weapon trader, Baran. You probably already know what to do with equipment you cannot use, right? No? You do not? Well, then I will tell you. People generally transmute their unusable equipment into Smelting Stones. Smelting Stones are used to upgrade armor and weapons.

You talk to Lorraine and she will receive a Scale Shield. You're going to smelting it at the Transmuter in Randol. If you can't find the transmuter you can look at the map (Alt+W)

NPC Conclusion: (Lorraine) Go to the Transmuter and transmute this equipment into Smelting Stones. Remember! Smelting Stones are the same level as the equipment they are created from. This is important because you can only refine armor and weapons under the level of the Smelting Stone. Well, you should try upgrading some items now. Here are two more Smelting Stones for you to use.

Reward: Experience 150

Additional note: Smelting the shield is not actually necessary to complete the quest.

Quest 4

Quest Name: Scroll of Memorizing

NPC: No NPC, it's an automatic quest pop-up

Level requirement: 4-6

(Lorraine) Hi, I am Lorraine. You can always find me here in town. I seldom go out anymore. I have just received a strange item from the trader, Gerel. It is a Scroll of Memorizing. Do you know what a Scroll of Memorizing is? It is a truly splendid thing indeed! This scroll allows you to memorize any location on the map and return to it later. Anyway, I think you will get more use out of it than me. Here it is.

Talk to Lorraine to receive a memory scroll.

NPC Conclusion: (Lorraine) First of all, when you are at the location you want to memorize, double click the memory scroll. You will then see a new screen. In the new screen, you can mark the area by pressing the Save key. The location will then be memorized. Afterwards, just open the scroll when you want to move to the memorized location. Press the Move button and you will be teleported to the memorized location in a flash. Got it? Also, after memorizing a location it will always be stored in the scrolls. So if you find or purchase a new scroll all of your saved points will still be there! It's magic!

Reward: Experience 200

Additional note: Each memory scroll is a one-time use. After teleporting to a location by using a memory scroll, you will lose the scroll. However, next time you acquire one, you will not have to re-memorize your favorite spots--they will still be there.

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