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Quests in Shaiya are a way for a character to earn some experience and gold. Sometimes the reward includes an item as well. Most of the quests you receive can be completed on the map they are given, there are some though, that will require you to travel to multiple maps and even have a long list of requirements.

Sub-Titled Quests

Sometimes a quest will have an addition to it's title in the Log, such as Dangerous or Epic.

  • Dangerous - suggests that you might not be able to handle these quests by yourself as you're most likely going after a boss or a monster that's tougher than normal. You can often find others that have the same quest and team up, lessening the danger to any one party member, and accomplishing the quest that much quicker.
  • Epic - these quests can become fairly involved, taking you to multiple locations, talking to quite a few people, and accomplishing a long list of goals along the way.
  • Timed - these quests give you a limited amount of time to complete them. Should you run out of time, you fail the quest and get no reward.
  • Hardship - this means that they are hard or that you will need a lot of items that rarely drop to finish them.

Quests and Parties

  • If the quest involves a boss battle or a number of monster kills, then everyone in the party that has the same quest will get credit for every battle or kill of the appropriate monster, regardless of which party member actually delivered the killing blow.
    Please note that the kills must be made in the nearby vicinity for you to claim a credit, being across the map won't work.
  • If a quest requires collecting item drops, not every kill will give the required item. You will have to kill enough monsters so that everyone who needs the item can get them. Note that quest drops are not automatically distributed to the party as are normal item drops and will need to be picked up by those who need the item.

Finding Quests


Yellow dots (16iryub.jpg) you see on your map are quest givers waiting for your assistance. They will be easy to identify as they will have a glowing yellow symbol above their head. Simply make your way to them and 'Talk' to the person that is offering the quest. They will explain what it is they wish you to do, whether it's gather a number of particular items, kill a set number of monsters (or a single monster), or even simply go talk to another NPC. If you choose to take the quest click 'Accept', if not click 'Cancel'.

Once you accept the quest, the glowing symbol will vanish from above the head of the NPC as will the yellow dot on the map. Quest details can be found in the Quest Log by pressing 'U'. Here you will find a list of all the quests you have accepted. Clicking on the Quest name will bring up more information in the two adjacent boxes. The bottom box will tell you the details of what need to be done, the box to the right will redisplay the quest dialogue.


Quests in the quest log will be of two colors.
smvouv.jpg Green colored quests are those that still need to be completed
2cxcnbd.jpg Yellow colored quests are quests that you have completed, but have not turned in yet

Clicking on a quest in the Quest Log will also open up a smaller Quest Goal Box, which initially only shows the quest names. Clicking on a quest name in this smaller box will expand the list to show the requirements for that quest.

Completing Quests


Once you have done what the quest giver has asked of you, it's time to turn in the quest and collect your reward. Look for a blue dot (okwnk7.jpg) on your map and make your way there. In most cases the reward is given by the same NPC that initially gave the quest, sometimes however you may be directed to another NPC to collect your reward. Typically the reward will be claimed on the same map where the quest was given, but some quests will direct you to other maps to collect your reward.

You'll know you've found the right person when you see the glowing bluish symbol above their head. Talk to this person and they will either give your reward directly to you, in the case of a simple reward (i.e. gold + XP), or offer you a choice of rewards (which are usually class specific) in addition to any gold and/or XP.

Quitting Quests

Sometimes it's necessary to quit a quest if it has become impossible to complete. To do so, open your Quest Log, click on the quest name in the list, then click 'Quit Quest'. A confirm dialogue will come up asking if you are sure.

The only real instance this author can think of where quitting is the only option involves the quests in the PvP battlefields, 1-15 PvP and 20-30 PvP. If you accept quests in those zones, but then level out of that particular zone, there is no way to get back into those areas to complete those quests.

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