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Central Continent


Visiting Aven I, Visiting Aven II, Visiting Aven III, Visiting Aven IV, Visiting Aven V

How to Assign Work I, How to Assign Work II, How to Assign Work III, How to Assign Work IV

Territory War

Mysterious Arcane Box I, Mysterious Arcane Box II

Hero's Trials

Limestone Mtn. (Levels 1-8)

Starting Zone for Human and Halfkin characters.

Story Quests

Awakening I, Awakening II, Awakening III, Awakening IV, Awakening V

Crystal Clue I, Crystal Clue II, Crystal Clue III

Oracle Magi I, Oracle Magi II, Oracle Magi III, Oracle Magi IV, Oracle Magi V

Angor Quarry I, Angor Quarry II

Side Quests

What a Girl Wants, Slayer

Daily Quests

Turn-About, Fashion Forward

Angor Quarry

Book Quests

Field Research, Never Give Up, Dreams Come True


The Angor Quarry Crisis

Ursun Paw Mountains (Levels 1-8)

Starting Zone for Ursun characters.

Story Quests

Ursun Awakening I, Ursun Awakening II, Ursun Awakening III, Ursun Awakening IV, Ursun Awakening V

Departure I, Departure II, Departure III

Trial I, Trial II, Trial III, Trial IV, Trial V

Side Quests

Bad Feeling, Followed by Blue Crystal

Traditional Training, Self-Training

Book Quests

Tough Childhood, Expulsion, Battlefist Founder

Tranquil Hill (Levels 8-14)

Leave for Tranquil Hill

Story Quests

Seabell I, Seabell II, Seabell III, Seabell IV, Seabell V

The Eagle Gang I, The Eagle Gang II, The Eagle Gang III, The Eagle Gang IV, The Eagle Gang V

Fort Verdure I, Fort Verdure II, Fort Verdure III

Side Quests

Dodge Training, Bash Training

Dancing on Eggshells, Put On Your Dancin' Hat

The Old Garrison, A Fantastic Gift

Dairy Bad Things

Avenge the Wounded

Daily Quests

A Wife's Worries, Hungry Thief

Destroy Camp Supplies, Gathering Information

Fort Verdure

Book Quests

Hidden Places, Surfing in the Forest, Dawn in Starry Coast

A Young Genius, Corrupted Glory, Robber's Head, The King of the Wind

Guild Quests

Overpopulated Wildlife, Fight the Eagle Gang

Wanted: Ketak


Self-Improvement I

Rainbowfall Forest (Levels 14-19)

Deep Into Rainbowfall Forest

Story Quests

The Village Secret I,The Village Secret II, The Village Secret III, The Village Secret IV, The Village Secret V

Prismata I, Prismata II, Prismata III, Prismata IV, Prismata V

The Dark Marsh I, The Dark Marsh II, The Dark Marsh III, The Dark Marsh IV, The Dark Marsh V

Tasos Channel I, Tasos Channel II, Tasos Channel III

Side Quests

A Hunter's Failures, Timid Hunter

Gimme the Skin-ny, Nutrient Thief

Take Care, Overpopulation

Excavating Ancient Relics, Defend the Relics

Daily Quests

Preemptive Strike, Ambush

Investigate Bicid Bog, Disrupt the Enemy Forces

Tasos Channel

Book Quests

The Beginning: Love Competition, Dilemma: Desperate Compulsion, The End: Forgiveness

At One With Nature, Keen Judgement, Faith

Guild Quests

Save Lull Meadow, The Battle for Opera

Wanted: Juan


Alpaca's Friends

Self-Improvement II

Goss Mountains (Levels 19-24)

Explore Goss Mountains

Story Quests

Goss Mountains I, Goss Mountains II, Goss Mountains III, Goss Mountains IV, Goss Mountains V

Lost Civilization I, Lost Civilization II, Lost Civilization III, Lost Civilization IV, Lost Civilization V

Shale Cavern I, Shale Cavern II, Shale Cavern III

Dragon's Keep I, Dragon's Keep II, Dragon's Keep III, Dragon's Keep IV, Dragon's Keep V

Eroda I, Eroda II, Eroda III

Side Quests

Patrol the Main Road, Valuable Fur and Fangs

Persistent Researcher, Vanishing Energy

A Fair Deal, Take Back the Goods

A New Opportunity, Unquenched Thirst

Daily Quests

Mining Agent, Asbee Crystal, How Love Goes, Shimmering Energy, Coin Launch-Bot

Stop the Giant, Don't Trifle with Us

Food Crisis, Weaken the Golden Claw Elite

Shale Cavern, Eroda

Book Quests

Mysterious Talents, Overpassing, The Journey of Self-Discovery

Case 1. Tiger Control, Case 2. Cunning Trickster, Case 3. Little Girl Abduction, Case 4. Street Robbery

Guild Quests

Break Through the Goss, Fight the Golden Claw

Recapture the Control Center, Wanted: Salvio


Self-Improvement III

Beluga Bay (Levels 24-29)

Enter Beluga Bay

Story Quests

Harbor Affairs I, Harbor Affairs II, Harbor Affairs III, Harbor Affairs IV, Harbor Affairs V

Deadly Love I, Deadly Love II, Deadly Love III, Deadly Love IV, Deadly Love V

Morticora I, Morticora II, Morticora III

Pirate Battle I, Pirate Battle II, Pirate Battle III, Pirate Battle IV, Pirate Battle V

Vileshark Headquarters I, Vileshark Headquarters II, Vileshark Headquarters III, Vileshark Headquarters IV

Side Quests

Unlimited Opportunities, A Life of Dumpster Diving

Biotechnology, Scrub a Dub Dub

Punish the Glutton, Endless Ghosts

Keeping Fit, Fair Lady's Concerns

Daily Quests

Rich Flow of Supplies, Invest in the Future, Mission Elpida, The Scent of Hope, One Bottle Please

Kill the Pirate, The Peg-Leg's Return

Never Reveal Your Secrets, Destroy the Store

Morticora, Vileshark HQ

Book Quests

The Wrong Move, Remove the Barrier, Survival, The Master Adventurer

Chapter 1: Betrayal, Chapter 2: Hypnotism, Chapter 3: Revenge, Chapter 4: The Return

Guild Quests

The Appeal of Beluga Harbor, Unearned Rewards

Wanted: Guillaume, Fight Vileshark HQ Again


Pet Combat Skill

Self-Improvement IV

Wetlands (Levels 29-33)

Explore the Wetlands

Story Quests

City in the Bog I, City in the Bog II, City in the Bog III, City in the Bog IV, City in the Bog V

Magic Water Source I, Magic Water Source II, Magic Water Source III, Magic Water Source IV, Magic Water Source V

Branda Root I, Branda Root II, Branda Root III

Clues I, Clues II, Clues III, Clues IV, Clues V

Malice Ruins I, Malice Ruins II, Malice Ruins III

Daily Quests

Charm of Competition, Sealed Energy, Black Market Price, Widespread, Mining Aid

Air Pollution, Digging For Spores

Sensitive Warrior, Decayed Energy

A Merchant's Vision, Sealed Treasure

Wandering Giant Anura, Experimental Mindset

Old Savior, Medicine Development

Remains of an Evil Mind, Possessed Tablet

Branda Root, Malice Palace

Book Quests

Little Frog! Big Mushroom!, The Flower is a Robber, I Want to Be Rich!

Pure Magic Crystal, Mutant Anura, A Giant Turtle With a Rock, Evil Gaze

Guild Quests

Protect the Camp, Wizard's Warnings, Unexpected Bomb

Revived Ancient Demon, Malice Ruins Wraith


Self-Improvement V

Valley of Kings (Levels 33-38)

Reach Deep Into the Valley of Kings

Story Quests

The Valley I, The Valley II, The Valley III, The Valley IV, The Valley V

The Unknown Poison I, The Unknown Poison II, The Unknown Poison III, The Unknown Poison IV, The Unknown Poison V

Rotten I, Rotten II, Rotten III

Bewitched Shells I, Bewitched Shells II, Bewitched Shells III, Bewitched Shells IV, Bewitched Shells V

Ulta Hall I, Ulta Hall II, Ulta Hall III, Ulta Hall IV

Daily Quests

Legendary Cottage, Magic Spring, Collecting Herbs, Defender's Tip, Keeping Love Alive, Technology Exchange, An Analgesic Jam, Tower Renovation

Derek's Troubles, Collect Stones

Dalia's Tower War, Find the Stolen Tinder

Shrinking Potion, Germaphobe

Worm Trap, Bug Eggs at Every Turn

Capture Carmela Information, Whack the Moles

Hands off the Antiques, Lament for the Ruins

Rotten, Ulta Hall

Book Quests

Happiness, Marriage Issues, Come Back

Fighter and Loyalty, Warriors and Belief, Guardians, The Elder

Guild Quests

Beacon Platform War, Epidemic Control, War for the Lord's Temple

Roaming Pests, Defend the Sword


Self-Improvement VI

Avila Volcano (Levels 38-41)

Move to Avila Volcano

Story Quests

Volcanic Ecology I, Volcanic Ecology II, Volcanic Ecology III, Volcanic Ecology IV, Volcanic Ecology V

Ebaster's Flames I, Ebaster's Flames II, Ebaster's Flames III, Ebaster's Flames IV, Ebaster's Flames V

Baram's Chasm I, Baram's Chasm II, Baram's Chasm III

Stop the Zealots I, Stop the Zealots II, Stop the Zealots III, Stop the Zealots IV, Stop the Zealots V

Baltaroi Core I, Baltaroi Core II, Baltaroi Core III

Daily Quests

Luxury Firewood, Banquet Program, New Construction, Prayer Ceremony, Nit-Picking, Heart of Vengeance, Stay Coolant, Cost of War

Prepare Military Supplies, Predict Volcanic Eruptions

Fruit of Life, Eto's Fury

A Flash in the Pan, Zealot's Game

Ecological Research on the Lava Turtle, Scattered Pages, Extinguish the Root of Sin

Ritual Interference

Persistent Architect, Construction Industry Superstar

Baram's Chasm, Baltaroi Core

Book Quests

Last Request, Mercy, Home

The Ghosts in the Moonlight, Night Attack, Fight Back, Lost Colors

Guild Quests

Loto's Food Crisis, Prewar Preparations, Prevent an Eruption

Ancient Prisoner Riot, Ebaster's Return


Self-Improvement VII

Golden Plains (Levels 41-45)

To the Golden Plains

Story Quests

City of Prosperity I, City of Prosperity II, City of Prosperity III, City of Prosperity IV, City of Prosperity V

A Mayor's Slumber I, A Mayor's Slumber II, A Mayor's Slumber III, A Mayor's Slumber IV, A Mayor's Slumber V

The Mayor's Dream I, The Mayor's Dream II, The Mayor's Dream III

The Wolfeye Gang I, The Wolfeye Gang II, The Wolfeye Gang III, The Wolfeye Gang IV, The Wolfeye Gang V

Veninfang I, Veninfang II, Veninfang III, Veninfang IV

Daily Quests

Business Partners, Under Cover, The Limestone, Unlucky, Tincture Recipe, Wishful Thinking, Admirable Boss, Jumping the Gun

The Fragrance of Seeds, A Mercenary's Mercenary

I Hate Dirt, Scout's Hobbies

Divination Materials, The Scent of Memories

Sam's Mirage Patroller, Bloodthirsty Madclaw

A Way Out, Beauty of Nature

Customer-Oriented, A Rich Merchant's Loss

Wolfeye Vixen, Retrieve Emergency Supplies

Destroy As You Wish, Mourn the Dead

Mayor's Dream, Veninfang

Book Quests

Rolling Gold, Natural Resources, Multi-Tasking

His Nobility, First Meeting, A Blessing in Disguise, Hold to Your Principles

Guild Quests

(coming soon)


Self-Improvement VIII

Arid Wilds (Levels 45-48)

March to the Arid Wilds

Story Quests

Boulder I, Boulder II, Boulder III, Boulder IV, Boulder V

Beasts and Worms I, Beasts and Worms II, Beasts and Worms III, Beasts and Worms IV, Beasts and Worms V

Slain I, Slain II, Slain III

Imprisoned I, Imprisoned II, Imprisoned III, Imprisoned IV, Imprisoned V

Dianack I, Dianack II, Dianack III

Daily Quests

Hopeful Appraisal, Eden Glen Mines, Gem on Sale!, Dalia Tower Inspection, Natural Trap, Indecisive, Ancient Wrath, Disbelieving

Repeatable Quests

Ratty-Looking Thief, Execution

The Story of a Gem, Pure Red Crystal

Out of the Earth's Core, Racial Code

Stop Spawning, Strange Fruit

Protect the Ancient Totem, Battle for the New Mine

Keep Silent, Cerris's Glory

Wipe Out the Desert Rats, Insect Panic

Tomb Guardian Beetle, Eternal War

(coming soon)

Book Quests

The Beloved in the Altar, The Exiled, Warden's Tears

The Kind Assassin, The Late Eagle, Revenge, The Shadow in the Sand Mist

Guild Quests

(coming soon)

Delphi Forest (Levels 48-51)

Fly to the Delphi Forest

Story Quests

Forest Dangers I, Forest Dangers II, Forest Dangers III, Forest Dangers IV, Forest Dangers V

Father's Hope I, Father's Hope II, Father's Hope III, Father's Hope IV, Father's Hope V

The Seal on the Crypticone, Materials From the Crypticone, Rival for the Crypticone

Protect the Temple I, Protect the Temple II, Protect the Temple III, Protect the Temple IV, Protect the Temple V

The Beast of Delphi Temple, Temple Sanctions, Crazy Scientist

Martial Arts and Morality, A Witch that Brings Havoc, Threat From a Gunpowder Barrel, War at Bloodtooth Peak

Daily Quests

Forest Supply, Sister's Love, Veterinary Troubles, Valley Blossoms, Hot Spring Delivery, Little White Lie, Environmental Report, Old Wounds

Repeatable Quests

Crusade, More Serum Antidotes

Prevention is the Best Cure, Sorrowful Action

Hard-Earned Herbs, Best Tonic

Magical Experiment Materials, Obstinate Scientist

Collision Prevention, Unreasonable Punishment

Tailored Trap, Break Excavation Equipment

Speak for the Dead Tree, Strike Them All

On Behalf of the White Light, Fun in Smoke

(coming soon)

Book Quests

The Rite of Manhood, A Mother’s Wishes, No Pity for Fools

Step 1: Confirm the Order, Step 2: Eliminate All Barriers, Step 3: Pass It On, Step 4: The Tooth Building

Guild Quests

(coming soon)


Self-Improvement IX

Southwestern Continent

Fegeral Valley (Levels 1-8)

Starting Zone for Zumi characters.

Story Quests

Zumi Awakening I, Zumi Awakening II, Zumi Awakening III, Zumi Awakening IV, Zumi Awakening V

Eccentric Inventor I, Eccentric Inventor II, Eccentric Inventor III

Eternal Life I, Eternal Life II, Eternal Life III, Eternal Life IV, Eternal Life V

Side Quests

Om Nom Nom, Tactical Training

Buried Treasures, Value of Ancient Civilizations

Book Quests

The Detective's Childhood, The Blue Gem and the Ruin Totem, The Story of Beck McMise

Southeastern Continent

Graceland Marsh (Levels 1-8)

Starting Zone for Anuran characters.

Story Quests

Anuran Awakening I, Anuran Awakening II, Anuran Awakening III, Anuran Awakening IV, Anuran Awakening V

The Stele Prophecy I, The Stele Prophecy II, The Stele Prophecy III

Mysterious Guide I, Mysterious Guide II, Mysterious Guide III, Mysterious Guide IV, Mysterious Guide V

Side Quests

Living Relics, Methane Problem

Orchard Thief, Second Profession

Book Quests

Frill Lizard's Determination, Marsh King's Punishment, The Surprising Ending

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