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A Quest in Scarlet Blade is a task given to the player by humanoid NPCs (non-player characters), Mission Terminals, and even robot NPCs to complete. By completing the quest the player will be rewarded with experience. Many quests also reward the player with in-game money. Some quests also include rewards such as Consumable Items, Armor, and Weapons.

Players can view up to ten (10) quests in their Mission Tracker located on the right of their UI (User Interface) by default. A player can have more than 10 quests active at any given time, but any quests over 10 can only be viewed the the character's Journal Screen (J key by default). In the Journal Screen a player can select which quests they want shown in their Mission Tracker with checkboxes.

Quest categories

Quests are a form of in-game mission that offer a variety of prizes to players for completion, such as advancement to a new area or payment in the form of items, money, and/or experience points. Quests may have a variety of requirements for completion, such as killing a certain number of monsters or talking to a particular character somewhere in the game world. Quests within Scarlet Blade are divided into the following categories:

  1. Main - Main quests are primary plot-oriented quests that are necessary to advance within the game. Failure to complete a Main Quest may result in characters being unable to move to a higher-level area or access certain content within the game. Main quests are indicated under the Red bar of the Quests part of the user interface.
  2. Side - Side quests are quests that are offered in addition to Main quests, but are not necessary for plot advancement. Standard Side quests are marked under the Blue bar of the Quests part of the user interface.
  3. Guild - Guild quests are a type of quest specifically associated with the in-game Guilds and are generally inaccessible to those outside of the Guild. Most offer benefits to the Guild as a whole in addition to whatever they might offer the players, and completion of these by members of the Guild is necessary for the Guild's ranking getting higher. Guild quests are marked under the Green bar of the Quests part of the user interface.
  4. Attack Squad - Attack Squad quests are a special form of quest related to the Attack Squad that the character is currently participating in. Aeria Games has not yet released information on what exactly this entails. Attack Squad quests are marked under the Pink bar of the Quests part of the user interface.
  5. Daily - Daily quests are a particular type of quest that can be repeated once per day for rewards. These are marked under the Brown tab of the Quests part of the user interface.
  6. Repeatable - Repeatable quests are a type of quest that can be started again once completed, either multiple times in a row or without limit. These are similar to Daily quests except for the fact that they can be performed more often, and are marked under the Yellow bar of the Quests part of the user interface.


A player may receive multiple quests that have the same target listed. (Typically Kill X number and Kill X * 1.5 or * 2). The player can progress toward completion of both quests at the same time without having to add the values together.

Main Quests

Main Quests in Scarlet Blade are integral to the overall storyline within the game. Main quests have to be completed to allow access to some areas that are level restricted which also give the player new quest contacts.

Side Quests

Side Quests are tasks generally not related directly to the main storyline, but allow the player to gain additional experience and awards by completing level appropriate tasks.

Guild Quests

Guild quests can only be accepted by the guild leader from the Guild Manager NPC. Anyone other than the guild master will see this notice upon speaking to her: This doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means that your guild leader will have to accept them in order for the guild to complete them.

Squad Quests

Additional information needed.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests can be gotten from some contacts within the game after level 21. In many cases these quests often require the player to return to the issuing quest contact. These Quests can be repeated every 24 hours from the time they are cleared from the player's Mission Tracker. Daily Quests are often level dependent, such that if a player levels within a 24 hour period new Daily Quests will be made available for the new level.

Repeatable Quests

Repeatable Quests can be done by a player multiple times. These quests come from limited sources within a level range. There is no know limit to the number of times a Repeatable Quest can be completed.

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