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This is a sortable list of NPC's that are required for quests. Just click the grey arrow beside Name, Map, or Location to sort by those titles.

Name Map Location
Babama Siwa Island x=149, y=283
Efe Siwa Island x=172, y= 273
Ludaumann Siwa Island x=247, y=422
Muha Siwa Island x=305, y=429
Bill Siwa Island x=236, y=206
Jasmine Siwa Island x=319, y=301
Grand Fantasia Book in your inventory Book in your inventory
Atalienne Blue Bay x=409, y=215
Cyer Blue Bay x=416, y=226
Myge Blue Bay x=427, y=184
Marcus Blue Bay, Lonely Island x=253, y=406
Adami Blue Bay x=636, y=499
Soerdo Blue Bay x=650, y=513
Era Blue Bay x=620, y=523
Owen Kaslow x=35, y=313
Sanbor Shell Hill x=227, y=169
Blady Shell Hill x=246, y=194
Ali Shell Hill x=217, y= 200
Yuri Shell Hill x=365, y=440
Candace Shell Hill x=375, y=488
Ifu Shell Hill x=130, y=470
Xiapuna Moonlight Forest x=445, y=230
Zoro Ironwheel Beach x=326, y=312
Browney Ironwheel Beach x=292, y=283
Borsda Ironwheel Beach x=265, y=272
Cyloter Ironwheel Beach x=240, y=170
Pippen Ironwheel Beach x=42, y=246
Hayden Ironwheel Beach x=40 y=245
Asi Steam Mine Mountain x=414, y=336
Grassland Altar Kaslow Plains x=243, y=516
Class Master (Kaslow) Kaslow x=179, y=336
Jessica Kaslow x=62, y=250
Lean Kaslow Plains x=466, y=313
Gates Kaslow x=105, y=327
Russell Kaslow Plains x=734, y=454
Berlinda Kaslow Plains x=730, y=469
Elsa Kaslow Plains x=922, y=691
Thomas Kaslow Plains x=821, y=659
Francis Kaslow Plains x=844, y=702
Duke Frank Kaslow Plains x=820, y=729
Tido Kaslow Plains x=781, y=267
Yalashi Steam Mine Mountain x=466, y=388
Magellan Kaslow Plains x=237, y=406
Jarl Kaslow x=37, y=257
Duke Posolain Kaslow x=229, y=40
Cashier of the Treasure Appraisal Committee, Andre Kaslow x=247, y=53
Demon Hunter Research Dept. Expedition Research Kaslow x=149, y=338
Weidor Kaslow x=277, y=235
Cahan Ilya x=437, y=224
Alez Ilya x=412, y=200
Class Master (Ilya) Ilya x=347, y=219
Drifter, Secret Investigator, Weary Traveler Ilya x=438, y=133
Bania Moonlight Forest x=256, y=209
Elder Chief Prophet Merlin Ilya x=282, y=271
Elder Prophet Marla Ilya x=294, y=272
Cashier of the Magic School, Noe Ilya x=308, y=264
Forest Altar Moonlight Forest x=391, y=555
Deve Moonlight Forest x=495, y=260
Elina Moonlight Forest x=471, y=249
Swafer Moonlight Forest x=460, y=271
Fuleyla Moonlight Forest x=430, y=296
Colby Moonlight Forest x=410, y=260
Dick Moonlight Forest x=221, y=413
Joe Moonlight Forest x=248, y=449
Augusque Ilya x=284, y=137
Edward (Magic School Dean) Ilya x=156, y=200
Yobelia Ilya x=357, y=75
Cashier of the Iron Stone Association, Hatt Jale x=138, y=133
Stan Jale x=121, y=145
Beavis Jale x=204, y=199
Nicholas, Science Associatin Chairperson Jale x=191, y=323
Hawk Jale x= 202, y=328
Smith, Shrewd Blacksmith Jale x=220, y=268
Class Master (Jale) Jale x=165, y=156
Altar of Sands Steam Mine Mountain x=379, y=426
Benlen Steam Mine Mountain x=534, y=603
Bru Steam Mine Mountain x=511, y=618
Murray Steam Mine Mountain x=442, y=321
Saermon Steam Mine Mountain x=248, y=533
Tasala Steam Mine Mountain x=494, y=589
Caret Sprites Forest x=122, y=484
Leis Sprites Forest x=121, y=527
Mysterious Man Sprites Forest x=268, y=232
Roy Sprites Forest x=485, y=358
Jody Sprites Forest x=128, y=482
Audrey Sprites Forest x=501, y=669
Rudolf Sprites Forest x=289, y=627
Cyerfu Sprites Forest x=258, y=711
Ptolemy Jale x=202, y=331
Grien Jale x=276, y=276
Miranda Red Ridge x=507, y=412
Clark Belcar Plateau x=248, y=216
Yuma Ancient Forest x=410, y=803
Tim Ancient Forest x=364, y=887
Angelo Ancient Forest x=397, y=888
Post Ancient Forest x=570, y=515
Bolai Ancient Forest x=565, y=668
Ters Ancient Forest x=570, y=683
Alex Angoya Island x=817, y=879
Miranda Red Ridge x=509, y=413
Mimi Red Ridge x=508, y=412
Sangil Red Ridge x=528, y=398
Mua Red Ridge x=545, y=446
Wern Red Ridge x=658, y=340
Raymond Red Ridge x=445, y=157
Maud Red Ridge x=461, y=183
Wood Red Ridge x=579, y=49
Queenie Belcar Plateau x=319, y=155
Antaro Belcar Plateau x=296, y=112
William Belcar Plateau x=339, y=203
Waer Belcar Plateau x=278, y=218
Maribelle Belcar Plateau x=266, y=244
MOJO-9 Belcar Plateau x=626, y=413
Copernicus Belcar Plateau x=625, y=430
Dash Belcar Plateau x=89, y=560
Epton Belcar Plateau x=308, y=335
Recaleo Belcar Plateau x=468, y=346
Pine Plague Forest x=704, y=699
Mabel Plague Forest x=687, y=743
Tukarnie Plague Forest x=668, y=734
Juliet Plague Forest x=761, y=701
Robin Plague Forest x=687, y=661
Tabor Plague Forest x=654, y=649
Newman Plague Forest x=351, y=770
Ronald Plague Forest x=285, y=778
Paul Plague Forest x=368, y=490
Spencer Plague Forest x=59, y=391
Agatha Plague Forest x=452, y=216
Ebona Plague Forest x=460, y=214
Benny Plague Forest x=612, y=691
Foster the Thirteenth Plague Forest x=642, y=727
Podony Bone Reef Peninsula x=241, y=354
Sborina Black Swamp x=326, y=543
Mark Black Swamp x=300, y=568
Fisher Black Swamp x=292, y=575
Nelson Black Swamp x=275, y=595
Charna Plague Forest x=312, y=205
Lyon Black Swamp x=247, y=557
Cylice Black Swamp x=227, y=525
Damian Black Swamp x=290, y=541
Fisher Black Swamp x=294, y=576
Schiwo Black Swamp x=230, y=586
Geisel Black Swamp x=245, y=597
Elena Southern Island x=633, y=1088
Jema Black Swamp x=512, y=485
Mike Black Swamp x=319, y=493
Oz Black Swamp x=411, y=224
Adam Nice Bone Reef Peninsula x=391, y=870
Yedoda Black Swamp x=208, y=335
Hannah Southern Island x=564, y=1008
Weillian Southern Island x=542, y=1021
Casas Southern Island x=529, y=1018
Jet Southern Island x=527, y=1065
Otorio Southern Island x=547, y=1061
Jacqueline Southern Island x=517, y=1033
Ferlo Southern Island x=573, y=1065
Naiauburn Southern Island x=330, y=877
Tarferg Southern Island x=184, y=917
Stony Angoya Island x=790, y=384
Otto Scorching Wind Desert x=881, y=261
Mesiccan Scorching Wind Desert x=664, y=120
Baharo Scorching Wind Desert x=705, y=159
Arut Scorching Wind Desert x=569, y=164
Forlin Scorching Wind Desert x=166, y=504
Bruman Scorching Wind Desert x=70, y=526
Bend Lost Highlands x=795, y=626
Marisa Land of Sighs x=418, y=615
Wanessa Land of Sighs x=442, y=551
Barriet Land of Sighs x=725, y=1130
Rayona Land of Sighs x=813, y=1154
Fanny Moonlight Forest x=493, y=430
Lane Moonlight Forest x=306, y=343
Watt Moonlight Forest x=564, y=183
Romeo Plague Forest x=633, y=679
Myron Plague Forest x=82, y=229
Maria Bone Reef Peninsula x=391, y=859
Totoko Bone Reef Peninsula x=390, y=889
Clive Bone Reef Peninsula x=346, y=890
Dennis Bone Reef Peninsula x=448, y=947
Quill's Rock Bone Reef Peninsula x=589, y=812
Ernest Bone Reef Peninsula x=581, y=624
Auston Bone Reef Peninsula x=566 y=616
Claudie Bone Reef Peninsula x=576, y=591
Nakia (demon hunter) Bone Reef Peninsula x=540, y=599
Lina Bone Reef Peninsula x=268, y=106
Chloe Angoya Island x=881, y=528
Deriphina Angoya Island x=842, y=438
Bulon Angoya Island x=884, y=426
Gable Angoya Island x=944, y=538
Mandor Angoya Island x=965, y=505
Korondo Angoya Island x=971, y=438
Marlin Angoya Island x=856, y=368
Morgan Angoya Island x=875, y=390
Oldwall Angoya Island x=510, y=355
Rex Angoya Island x=550, y=282
Mulia Angoya Island x=310, y=240
Oleanda Angoya Island x=500, y=324
Posolain Kaslow x=230, y=42
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