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PvP (Player versus Player) happens in specially-designated maps. Players from the Union of Fury battle against the Alliance of Light. The goal of PvP is to control the relics located in the map, and hold it for as long as possible. 'Obtaining' relics from the enemy faction happens when it is destroyed. Neutral relics are purple on the PvP maps. Union of Fury controlled relics are renamed Altars, turn reddish/pink on the map, and are guarded by large, barbaric warriors. Alliance of Light controlled relics are renamed Ides, turn green on the map, and are guarded by slender spearmen or pikemen. The PvP maps are: 1-15 PvP, 20-30 PvP, and 1-60 PvP



The following actions are not allowed:

1) Raiding another faction’s base/castle

a. Going into the opposing faction’s area (that would be past the guards) and then PvPing within their base. b. This is usually inside castle walls. *NOTE: Karis/Raigo Castle: Inner Wall. c. This rule is lifted ONLY when NOTED in official events.

2) Spawn Killing

a. Killing a player that had just been revived through resurrection within their factions' base.

3) Portal Killing

a. This includes killing players before they have a chance to step out of the portal. (Very similar to Spawn Killing) b. This does NOT include killing players after they have left the immediate location, talked, or have done anything to show that they are not idle. c. We HIGHLY recommend staying away from the portals so that you do not have to worry about getting banned for these types of offenses.

4) Area Effect spells that attack players within the Veil.

5) Stat Padding

a. Anytime a character circumvents the Ranking System for exploitive gain.

b.If you want to have G vs G that's fine, pick an event or time to do so and have fun amidst PvP maps/other players, but no heals/no pots/not trying just killing=actions being taken. GvsG OK IF: 1)Both parties are actually trying (heals/pots/buffs etc) 2)Fury/Light accounts aren't the same user (checkable also) 3) all parties are free for all (not touching priests/only rezing etc is like holding a duel but with stats involved which is not ok) If it breaks any of the above its stat padding.

6) Terrain Exploits

a. Terrain Exploits are defined as a character who has managed to get to a specific point on the map that others cannot get to in order to obtain an unfair advantage in PvP. b. It can also mean that a character has managed to enter a location where they can attack other characters but other characters cannot attack in return, thus obtaining an unfair advantage in PvP.

Restricted Areas

These maps do NOT represent any official boundaries. However, as a general indication of what to avoid, they work fine.

PvP 1-15 - Proelium Frontier (Borderland)


PvP 20-30 - Cantabilian (Borderland)


PvP 1-60 - D-Water Borderland (Borderland)


Kanos Illium and Regnum

Free for all. No rules apply here.

  • Do not attack people porting into/out of dungeons, spawn points, and maps.
    • After they move/attack/buff/talk/emote or otherwise show signs that they have fully loaded into the map and have control of their character, they are open to be attacked.
      • On a sidenote, you shouldn't use AoE spells/skills to attack people at their spawn points to avoid being accused of portal camping.
    • This thread is a compilation of these rules and should help: http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?highlight=castle+inside+map&t=157330
  • 3. Do not exploit game mechanics to your advantage.
    • This includes but is not restricted to:
      • Do not stand inside / behind Enemy faction's portals where you cannot be reached.
      • Do not stand or attack from inside the Altar to prevent people from being able to target and attack you. (see http://forums.aeriagames.com/viewtopic.php?t=158685 )
      • Do not use terrain exploits to run or attack from places that you cannot be reached.
        • This includes climbing rock formations, and inside trees.
      • If you gain levels in a level-restricted area you must leave immediately.
        • You cannot stay until you log off, you get kicked or until server maintenance. The level restriction is absolute and non-negotiable.

Ethics guide: http://shaiya.aeriagames.com/ethics_guide


When you are in PvP, you can earn certain PvP ranks. (See below) But I warn you it isn't always that easy.It can sometimes take you months to reach a high rank.


Once a player is above level 16, ranks can be redeemed for stat points in Apulune or Iris.

  • Alliance of Light - Excellent Warrior Manager (Stardust Knights section of Apulune)
  • Union of Fury - Excellent Warrior Manager (Narsilian Hall section of Iris)

Rankings can be followed at Enhanced Shaiya Ranking that allows you to track character ranking development, rankings from current and previous dates, rank by kills gained at a given date, and more.

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