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PvP (Player versus Player) happens in specially-designated maps. Players from the Union of Fury battle against the Alliance of Light. The goal of PvP is to control the relics located in the map, and hold it for as long as possible. 'Obtaining' relics from the enemy faction happens when it is destroyed. Neutral relics are purple on the PvP maps. Union of Fury controlled relics are renamed Altars, turn reddish/pink on the map, and are guarded by large, barbaric warriors. Alliance of Light controlled relics are renamed Ides, turn green on the map, and are guarded by slender spearmen or pikemen. The PvP maps are: 1-15 PvP, 20-30 PvP, and 1-60 PvP


Hi there!

Since all PvP Respawn Points are now protected with an invisible field, we now changed our PvP Rules as follows:

Whenever you enter a PvP area you can kill players from the opposite faction to gain kill points, but you also can get killed - almost everywhere but Respawn Points (These are the points you re-spawn after being killed and not the point you'd arrive after clicking "Go to Battleground" Button). So - if you do not want to die and do not intend to PvP now, you should not stay in a PvP area being AFK. Remember, you can join this area in no time by using the "Go to Battleground" button.

(1) Raiding the opposite's faction Base from outside is allowed - but be prepared there might be Guards/Snipers protecting the players within and you might get killed.

(2) Trying to find ways to circumvent the Respawn Point Protection // "Spawn Killing" is prohibited.

(3) "Stat Padding" (killing a character who willingly and consistently allows him/herself to be killed) also is still not allowed. Any user caught stat padding will receive a ban and have all their kills wiped. Additional action may be taken for repeat offenders and or a permanent ban can be issued to the player.

(4) If you find a general bug please report it in our Bug-Section. In case you find a glitch or real exploit that allows your character to do something it isn't supposed to be able to do, don't spread word and do not post this in our Bug-Section - please report and describe it IMMEDIATELY via Ticket so we can review it quickly. If you are found exploiting this bug/glitch/exploit to gain unfair advantages, this is reportable and can result in a suspension of the account.


When you are in PvP, you can earn certain PvP ranks. (See below) But I warn you it isn't always that easy.It can sometimes take you months to reach a high rank.


Once a player is above level 16, ranks can be redeemed for stat points in Apulune or Iris.

  • Alliance of Light - Excellent Warrior Manager (Stardust Knights section of Apulune)
  • Union of Fury - Excellent Warrior Manager (Narsilian Hall section of Iris)

Rankings can be followed at Detailed Shaiya Ranking by Jsgits that allows you to track character ranking development, rankings from current and previous dates, rank by kills gained at a given date, and more.

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