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What is PvP?

PvP stands for Player vs. Player – as opposed to PvE which stands for Player vs. Environment (Pretty much anything you can find to fight that is NOT another player is considered PvE). PK stands for Player Killer.

Which servers support PvP?

Subservers 1,2 and 3 are PvP enabled. Subservers 4,5 and 6 are PvE only.

When can I start killing other players?

At Level 16. Before that you are protected from player killers (Pkers). Similarly, you cannot attack anyone below L16. If you try to attack someone who’s too low a level, it’ll look like you’re attacking, but you won’t be able to do any damage.

How do I start PvP?

Just hit the ‘a’ button on your keyboard and a command menu will come up with a list of actions. You’ll find a button, which toggles your PvP status on and off. Once you’re toggled on, you can start killing. It’s as simple as attacking a monster. However, be warned - players are a lot smarter than your average Horned Beast.

What do I get for PvPing?

Nothing – well unless you count fun as something. PvP has no benefit. You won’t get gold or items or experience, but you might just have a lot of fun.

What are the down sides to PvP?

The biggest down side is that you may lose experience for dying in PvP. "Evil" characters really have it tough. They can have their stats lowered, lose greater amounts of xp, and have their items sealed, not to mention the fact that they are often relentlessly hunted by hordes of White and Blue named characters. Talk about being the center of attention!

What class is best for PvP?

There will be a lot of debate about this but, in one vs one combat, the Rogue has shown to be consistently strong in lower levels. At higher levels it gets much more complicated. Rogues lose a lot of their early advantages. Level seems to be the best predictor of victory. As few as 3 or 4 levels can mean a huge advantage. In mass PvP (group on group), you’ll find that other classes are not merely helpful, but essential.

Somebody killed me and I wasn’t PvP enabled. What happened?

The main thing you need to know is that you have to be PvP enabled to attack someone else. You do not need to be PvP enabled to be attacked. This might seem a little unfair, but there are systems in place to penalize the attacker, and help you just a little in this sort of situation.

How do I get a Blue name?

Grind green, white, yellow or red named monsters on a PvP server.

What and where is the PvP arena?

The PvP arena is in Randol on the Southeast side of the city. It’s an area where you can practice your PvP without penalty. You will not lose experience for dying there, and you will not gain or lose good/evil points for fighting there. Typically people duel in the arena, though sometimes it turns into “king of the hill”, or occasionally group vs. group.

Are there safe zones?

Cities are PvP safe. You’ll also find that the entrance to dungeons tends to be safe, and the areas around Herbs, Stone, and Energy locations are PvP safe.

I can’t turn my PvP mode On or Off even though I’m not in a safe zone.

If you have recently killed someone, there’s a long timer before you can disable PvP. This is designed so that you are not immune from retribution. You will not be able to turn this off until the timer is done. If you go into a city, your PvP will be disabled automatically. You will not be able to turn it back on until the timer has finished.

How do I get rid of my red name?

A red name signifies Evil (see below). You have work off your evil points, typically by being killed.

Good Vs. Evil. Red, White, Blue. And PK Mode On/Off

Everyone starts the game with a white name. You’ll see some people with red and others with blue names. Here’s what they mean:

  • Red Name = Evil (Good/Evil score is –10 or lower)
  • White Name = Innocent (Good/Evil score is –9 to +9)
  • Blue Name = Good (Good/Evil score is +10 or higher)

The points are given as followed:

  1. A player gets –10 points for killing a White or Blue player if both players are PvP enabled.
  2. A player gets –20 points for killing a White or Blue player if the dead player was NOT PvP enabled.
  3. A player gets 0 points for killing a Red player regardless of whether the player was PvP enabled, if the player was of lower or equal level.
  4. A player gets +5 points for killing a Red player regardless of whether the player was PvP enabled, if the player was of higher level.
  5. A Red player gets -10 points for Killing a White or Blue player, even if in self-defense.
  6. A Red player will have 5 points removed from their negative score if they die in PvP.

Any player who dies with PvP mode enabled will lose experience. Red name players who die will lose experience regardless of whether they have enabled PvP mode or not.

!! What is Self Defense

Self Defense is a situation where you are not PvP enabled and you are attacked by someone who is. The player who attacked you will then have the usual Crossed Swords (PvP enabled sign) turned into a Skull and Crossbones. You will receive a message in the system box indicating that "Self Defense against (player) has been activated"

Here’s a really cool note – if you are defending yourself against a player like this, and you are either white or blue, you can kill the other player without losing any Good/Evil points. If you are red and the other player is white or blue, you will still become more evil (-10) if you kill them.

!! What isn’t self defense:

So let’s say that you’re out to rid the world of evil, and you spot an appropriately evil guy. Armed with your new +10 sword of butt-kicking you enable PvP mode and quickly kill him, knowing that the world is a bit nicer place for it.

Now everything’s fine so far but... It turns out the guy’s buddy doesn’t think you’re all that nice, so he enables PvP mode and starts attacking you.

Here’s where you can get confused. If you kill this guy, you will get –10 to your good/evil score. The game doesn’t know that he’s attacking you because you killed his red buddy. It only knows that 2 players with PvP enabled are fighting. See Rule #1 under Good/Evil.

So what are your options? You can kill him and take the –10 points. You can also let him kill you. He’ll get –10 points. If you think you can survive long enough to turn your PvP mode off, you could possibly get the other player to attack you with PvP mode disabled. Once that happens, you can attack them (now skull and crossbones) without penalty. Finally, I suppose, you could run.

I Don't Want to be Red Anymore!

Your good/evil must be -9 or higher to be White. You DON'T need to get all the way back to zero. Each of the following will improve your NEGATIVE score by 1:

  • Spend 1 hour logged in to a PvP server
  • Kill 25 Gree Mobs (or higher) on a PvP server (This will only get you back to -9, but at least you'll be white again.)
  • Use a Tear of Redemption (These can be crafted or purchased from players but are *very* expensive.)

You can improve your NEGATIVE score by 5 by:

  • Dying in PvP. -- Remember if you die in pvp, you will lose xp and run the chance of having any equipped item sealed. If you do this intentionally, I strongly advise you to unequip all items, and use a Crystal of Experience (which will lessen the amount of xp loss on death).

You can improve ANY score by 5 by:

  • Killing a red named character that is above your level.

!! Negative Experience and Sealed Items The best way to deal with negative XP is to not get it in the first place. I know it's not always an option but here are some things you can do that will lessen the amount of Negative XP you get in the first place:

  • Don't die. Okay, I'm sorry. It had to be said. There are a few really evil guys out there that just don't die, so they just don't have a problem with negative xp. I guess if you're really good at staying safe, and winning the fights you chose to fight, Negative xp just isn't a problem.
  • Don't let your negative xp get out of control. I've seen a hand full of players I really liked (and a few I didn't like) quit LC because they managed to build up so much negative xp that they just didn't want to play anymore.
  • The more evil you are, the more xp you will lose when you die. If you want to be a Red Name and lose the least amount of xp on death, try to only be a little bit evil. Remember, Blues and Whites simply don't get negative xp.
  • Use A Crystal of Experience. These little guys can really lower the amount of xp loss you get for dying. They're pretty expensive, so depending on your level, you might just be better off hunting to get that xp back.
  • Go Grind. Okay, you had your fun. Use the zillion different xp boosters out there to get that xp back!
  • Tears of Forgiveness. Similar to Tears of Redemption, this player crafted item will get you 5% of your negative xp back. They're pretty expensive though. 200K each on K-1 as of May 2007. These are usually only an option for high level characters.

!! Sealed Items If you are an "evil" character and you die in pvp, you run the chance of having one of your equipped items sealed. Once sealed, the item is effectively useless, until it can be unsealed. The archbishop will be happy to unseal your items for a price. The cost of unsealing items goes way up if the item has been modified and as the level of the item increase.

How to be good at PvP: (Remember this is just a beginner’s guide)


  1. Get the best equipment you can afford. I’ve won duels with just a couple Hit Points left in the tank. Make sure your gear is Blood-sealed and modified.
  2. Don’t’ forget consumables: Outside the arena healing potions, attack and defense minerals, haste potions, all this stuff can be the difference between winning and losing. Having a good stock of supplies can take you a loooong way.
  3. Get Organized. You don’t want to be fumbling around looking for your healing potion while your opponent dismantles you. Make sure everything you need is in your quick keys, or at the top of your inventory where it’s easy to find.
  4. Be attentive. Keep one eye open for suspicious characters. You'll learn through experience what types of players and behaviors to look out for.

In the battle:

  • Don't Panic. Some people will just start running wildly as soon as they realize they're in PvP. Don't do this unless you've got a plan. You'll probably agro a bunch of mobs to you, and they'll help your opponent.
  • Play smart. Know your opponents. Imagine how your opponent will try to attack you, and see if you can’t find a way to exploit an advantage.

You really can defeat players that are of higher level if you prepare well and play smart.

Oh right – and sometimes you’ll fight people who are a lot higher level than you. No amount of preparation or skill will make it possible to defeat them. That’s okay – have fun. Who knows, maybe if you bring ten of your buddies, you could take the guy down.

Above all else, win or lose, try to remember to have a good time. Who ever wrote that gay comment Stfu Thanks ( Sorry anyone else )I know right what a FAGGOT :)

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