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The world of Eden Eternal is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and there are hundreds seeking the aid of an Eternal Guardian.

For a list of Quests see, Quests.


NPCs will give players quests and rewards to help them on your way to becoming a mighty champion for good.

Completing quests for NPCs is the primary way to level a character and progress deeper into the game.

Some quests may require help from additional players.

Players may find available icons by looking for a ! icon above the NPC.


When the player has finished the quest the icon will become a ? icon.


Quest Icons

While it's not recommended to stop and smell the roses, it is recommended to stop and and slay the beasties.

In Eden there are different types of quests.

Yellow Marks: Are related to the main story of the game of a the current area. They can only be done once, but reward the most amount of experience and gold, as well as some equipment.

Blue Marks: Are repeatable quests and have the word "Repeatable" at the end of their name. These can be done more than once but only give limited amount of experience, money, and fame.

Green Marks: Are daily quests and give players a nice amount of experience and money. Players may only complete these quests once a day.

Grey Marks: The player is a higher level than the quest requires. The experience, gold and equipment will be much less rewarding than a quest around the character level.

Quest Tracker

The right side of the screen displays a list of the players current quests.


  • It only shows a brief summary of the quest information.

To view more information about the quests view the Quest Tracker.

  • Access the quest tracker by pressing the L key via keyboard.


The left-hand image above is your the tracker. It can even remind players of where the next targets are.

Just click the Find icon next to an objective, and the character will automatically run there (unless there are significant obstacles).

Portal Stones

If players have a Portal Stone in their inventory, click the "Use Portal Stone" option on the quest tracker.

Please Note: Not all quests will allow players to use a portal stone.

The quest tracker will also alert players to quests they haven't accepted yet--just go to the Unaccepted Quests tab.

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