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Basic Information

Field Notes

The Punisher is the long-ranged marksman of the Arkana. Her role in combat is to identify strategic targets and eliminate them as efficiently as possible, ensuring both the safety of her allies and the success of her mission. Leaving the more standard foes to her squad mates, a skilled Punisher remains calm in the heat of battle, focusing on problematic opponents and placing each shot where it’s needed most.

Serial Number: 978642213T
Archetype: Punisher
Base Clone DNA: North American
Height: 5'9"
Bust: 32D
Waist: 24

Psych Profile

Generally the furthest from the fight, the Punisher was designed to specialize in real-time calculation and prioritization of targets. While this makes them exceedingly useful on the battlefield, it tends to grant them an aura of cold superiority. When left to socialize, for example, a Punisher is more likely to sit apart from the other Arkana – and usually in a position that grants line of sight on every point of entry. These alterations are known to affect the Punisher’s sense of comradeship, as well. While many Arkana will risk life and limb to save one another when in danger, a Punisher always weighs the odds. If she deems a positive outcome too unlikely, she will abandon her sisters to die.


Unique to the Punisher is the Tactile Indicator module, making any exposed skin highly sensitive to wind speed and eliminating the need for natural wind indicators used by standard snipers. In addition to this, increased physics and geometry modules perform complex mathematics in fractions of a second, interpreting the data from her rifle’s range-finder and allowing her to perfectly calculate every shot. Like the Sentinel, the Punisher has been outfitted with a mental link to her weapon. There is no need to pull a trigger when using the XR-37 Ballista. She need only aim, and a mental command will send the payload on its way.

Class Weapon

The Punisher wields the XR-37 Ballista, a high-powered rifle which utilizes the best of Narak and Genesis Corp technology. Designed to accept a variety of ammunition to adapt to any situation, the Ballista is a long-ranged problem solver capable of disabling or killing opponents in a single shot. Though it truly shines at great distance, the Ballista is not defenseless in a melee: when pressed, a Punisher can overload the rifle’s power core to emit a strong concussive blast, knocking nearby attackers prone and rendering most unconscious.

Class Mech

The Ishtar Mech combines the accuracy of a sniper with the firepower of a Narak gunship. Twin artillery arrays built into the Ishtar’s chest and shoulders grant deadly area-of-effect attacks, while the Mech’s massive rail gun allows the Punisher to utilize her long-ranged skills to their full potential. The Punisher is always a valuable addition to any Arkana squad. But in the Ishtar, she’s a one-woman army.

Class Pros and Cons


  • Highest accuracy & highest attack rating = one of the highest damage classes
  • Can use/place strategic signals to increase allied units' effectiveness.
  • Has the longest range of the classes.
  • One of the longest stuns - can often kill even strong tanks before stun runs out
  • Mech has some of the strongest AoE in the game, can one-shot even strong tanks
  • High demand for this class's damage and tankyness in parties
  • Ranged stun at high level


  • Slow attack speed.
  • Slow movement speed.
  • Field bonus constricts movement and limits their mobility.
  • High cost Mech-mode.


Active Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
62113.jpg Artillery Shot Though basic attacks do not consume SP, they do not allow the Punisher to demonstrate her full potential.
62119.jpg Death-Grip Ammo Designed to be used frequently, this skill consumes very little SP, but can grow very powerful if enough ranks are invested in it.
62125.jpg Lethal Blessing Packs a more powerful punch than Death Grip Ammo, but has a brief cooldown time.
62131.jpg Sharpshooter A focused attack that harnesses Chakra to deal more damage than Lethal Blessing, at the cost of a longer cooldown.
62137.jpg Demolition An extremely powerful explosive round that deals more damage than Sharpshooter, at a cost of a longer cooldown and a Charge Time of 1 second.
62143.jpg Mighty Impact The Punisher gathers a pool of supercondensed Chakra energy resulting in an extremely powerful ballistic attack with tremendous range. It has a Charge Time of 3-1.5 seconds. Higher skill ranks result in decreased Charge Time.
62132.jpg Swingers A close-range melee attack that leverages the centrifugal force of the Punisher's plasma cannon, causing the target to be Knocked Out for 1 second.
62144.jpg Penetration A debuff that lasts for 10 seconds.
62121.jpg Atomic Bullet Atomic Chakra skills reduce enemy movement speed.
62127.jpg A-bomb Atomic Chakra skills reduce enemy movement speed.

A massive aerial attack that vaporizes enemies within the blast range. Has a Charge Time of 1 second.

62122.jpg Plasma Bullet A Plasma Attack that deals continuous damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact. In a PvP battle, only half of the DoT damage is applied.
62128.jpg Plasma Bomb Plasma Chakra attacks deal additional DoT damage every 2 seconds after the initial impact.

The Punisher channels all of her Chakra into a massive Plasma strike from the heavens, obliterating enemies caught within the radius blast. In a vP Battle, only half of the DoT damage is applied.

4543.png Ultra Plasma Bullet A Special Plasma attack that deals continuous damage every 7 seconds after the initial impact. in a PvP battle, only half the normal DoT damage will be dealt. Only deals one powerful DoT damage to a player / monster / guard that is at least 4 levels higher than your character.
62123.jpg Defense Cocoon Summons a protective barrier that increases EVA and VOID for the Punisher and her allies so long as they remain within the field of effect.
62129.jpg Offense Cocoon Summons an invigorating energy field that increases ATK and Crit Damage for the Punisher and her allies so long as they remain within the field of effect.
62135.jpg Detection Cocoon Erects a psionic ward that increases the Punisher's ability to detect hidden enemies so long as she and her allies remain within the field of effect.
62124.jpg Mind over Body Converts HP to SP, and allows you to use skills in tight situations.
62130.jpg In Plain Sight The Punisher camoflauges herself, entering a Concealed state. Moving, attacking, or being attacked will cancel the effect.
62136.jpg Firing Squad Although movement is limited, the Punisher gains devastating attack strength. Right-click the buff icon to end the skill.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Description
62101.jpg Intermediate Health Mastery Increases Max HP
62102.jpg Advanced Soul Mastery Increases Max SP
62103.jpg Damage Mastery Increases ATK
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